CBS took us on a rollercoaster ride this season on Big Brother 2015, but it all came to an end last night as we saw the new winner of Big Brother 17 crowned. For most, it was an episode that made dealing with the whole season worth it. After the show ended, the HGs went to the backyard for interviews with the press and Jeff Schroeder was there for the Live Feeds. CBS shared them on their YouTube page, so check them out in our Big Brother 2015 spoilers below!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Backyard Interviews

To be honest, I am drained right now from this season of Big Brother 2015. I could only force myself to watch three of them: Da’Vonne, Johnny Mac and Jason. I was not disappointed though! I did start Vanessa’s, but it is twice as long as anyone else’s and her and Austin are still talking game as the cameras begin. I was annoyed and can take a year or two before ever hearing her voice again! I’m sure I’ll get to more eventually, but for now, that is all I can handle! And for some reason, Jeff’s interview is not on there.

Since no Live Feeds or new episodes to watch, here are some videos for your viewing pleasure! Hope you enjoy:

 Jackie Ibarra

Johnny Mac

Julia Nolan

Liz Nolan

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