We are making our way through Week 3 on Big Brother 2015, as the Battle of the Block competition has taken place and we have the results of that for you. Now we know who the final nominees for Week 3 are and who remains in the HoH room on Big Brother 17. Find out the details below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Week 3 Battle of the Block Results

I gave you the Week 3 nominees earlier today, so now we have been waiting for the BotB to take place and see where the cookies crumble. Vanessa seemed to put all her eggs in one basket and if it doesn’t work out, then we could see a whole waste of an HoH and send Jackie home! I am so over this BotB twist that CBS thinks is a Fan Favorite. They all work together and some pawn is up there to throw it every week. Who likes that? Even Jason was complaining about it being lame and not exciting for television!

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We have no clue about what the HGs did for the competition, but the feeds were down for 3.5 hours! Here are the results of the Battle of the Block for Week 3:

  • Winners – Jason and Meg
  • Losers – James and John, so they remain on the block for Week 3
  • Final HoH for Week 3 – Vanessa

This was the plan and we will probably have to sit through another BotB competition on Sunday night where John throws it. The other HGs have to eventually start seeing this, right? The real winners of the competition don’t actually win. They are given the victory, which is stupid. Oh, I have won four comps this season. Yeah, because no one tried to beat you! Ugh, can you tell I am annoyed by this???

What do you think of the results of the Battle of the Block?

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