It looks like all the action in the Big Brother 2015 house happened this evening, as we have some things happening, including the BB Takeover and it looks like Kathy Griffin was making her phone calls tonight! So, who got the seventh call for the Last Laugh on Big Brother 17? Find out in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers that follow!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - BB Takeover - Last Laugh Winner

Over on the Live Feeds, the HGs were on backyard lockdown for a while, so speculation started brewing that the phone was finally being installed after today’s Veto Meeting and the final nominees for Week 2 were determined. From there, the Live Feeds went to fish and apparently the phone calls started coming in!

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From the sounds of it, each of the HGs got to pick numbers and that was the call they got to answer. Not sure of the exact way of picking numbers, but Shelli and Vanessa were talking about it when the Live Feeds came back and they were looking at the Memory Wall and going over numbers.

As it turns out, Shelli said Da’Vonne got the seventh call!!! Later on in the HoH room, Clay was talking about the number he wanted (which was 7), but Day took it before him. So, that confirms that Day got that seventh call and gets the advantage this week and gets to nullify three votes.

It appears that the HGs know about the three votes being taken away, but they don’t know who won the advantage. Day will know and she will need to start doing some work. Is it possible for her to rally up the troops and get five votes against Meg? Here’s to hoping, as we know that Jason will vote for Meg and they were onto the Twin Twist earlier in the day, so they might be able to get Liz/Julia on board with some blackmail!

We all knew that Day would get it (or whoever was in danger of going home), so this could make the week interesting!

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