CBS has made the big announcement regarding the Live Feeds for Big Brother 17 and it comes with good news and bad news, which is no big shocker! We are less than one month away from the Big Brother 2015 premiere and I am hoping for a fun season, so get the details on the Big Brother live feeds below in our Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - BB17 Logo

With this new season, CBS is shifting the Live Feeds to their CBS All Access service. This is a monthly service you can subscribe to and subscribers can access all past 16 seasons of Big Brother, watch the upcoming 17th season live or on demand across devices. This service is $5.99/month, so a decrease from the monthly cost last season! Also, you can access all CBS, including Survivor and The Amazing Race.

Preseason content starts TODAY, so start your subscription now to check it out! Here are some dates to look forward to with the preseason content:

  • May 28 – Preseason content available
  • June 10 – VIP chat with BB16 winner Derrick Levasseur
  • June 15 – VIP chat with fan favorite (CBS’ words) Frankie Grande
  • June 16 – Exclusive LIVE stream interviews with the new HGs
  • June 25 – Live Feeds start after Night 2 of the BB17 premiere on West Coast

So, I am intrigued about this live stream interview with the new HGs before the premiere! I laughed when they said fan favorite Frankie Grande. They don’t know that BB fans don’t like him, huh? He wasn’t even in the Top 3 voting for Fan Favorite last season, so how is he fan favorite?


Besides the bad news of Frankie, I am also sad to inform my Canadian friends that the Live Feeds are not available in Canada this season. The reason: Live Feeds are on CBS All Access and that service is available only in the US right now.

That sucks, but there will be no other differences with CBS All Access and it will be the same Live Feeds you have enjoyed before and you can signup here for a one week free trial to test it out and see that preseason content! Remember, each signup does help me out and helps support this site and all the hard work I do for my family here!


So, who is pumped for the start of Big Brother 17????

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