There have been plenty of rumors going around for Big Brother 17, per usual, and of course there is talk of an All Stars season again for Big Brother 2015. Even though Robyn Kass, the casting director for Big Brother, shot those rumors down, we still could see a season of All Stars on Big Brother 17, but who would you want to see come back? We have some thoughts in our Big Brother 2015 spoilers below!

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While we love seeing new people and a new cast on Big Brother, it would be nice to see how some of these past contestants would do against another former HG. I mean, do you think Derrick Levasseur could have dominated as much going up against the likes of Dr. Will or even Ian Terry? I am thinking not as dominant, but he was good at what he did!

I am torn on this All Stars theme and think we are overdue for one, even though Julie Chen doesn’t think we are. So, who would you like to see come back? It looks like some people out there are favoring Ian Terry to come back. I can see that, but I would like to see some non-winners compete, like Donny and Zach from Big Brother 16. No Frankie and no Andy! You know CBS would love the Reilly sisters (Elissa and Rachel) to be part of it, but could be handle it?

Aaryn from Big Brother 15 said some inappropriate things while in the house, but she was a comp beast and I think she could do some damage after growing up a little more. We don’t need Amanda Zuckerman back to lay around the house for another summer, but I would like to see McCrae come back without her and see how he does when he focuses on the game! Judd was a fan favorite, so he would be high on the list as well.

There are many options out there, but who would you pick?

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