We had drama and more drama and paranoid Houseguests on Saturday in the Big Brother 2015 house. We have a Head of Household that can’t seem to make a decision without having justification to give to the rest of the house, so it makes it draining, yet fun to watch the Live Feeds on Big Brother 17. Check out the highlights from Saturday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 7:11:2015 Live Feeds Recap

The day started with some drama for Austin, as he was upset about Liz sleeping downstairs in bed with James, the enemy. He whined for a while to Vanessa and more whining to Liz. She said it would have been weird to sleep in the HoH bed with three people. Austin has a girlfriend at home, so this makes no sense.

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Julia and Liz do a switch and she is freaking because of all the drama that has happened. The Veto players are picked and Vanessa is in a pretty good place, as she wants James out and no renom to be made. Austin, Audrey and Shelli were picked, so it is 5-against-1 for James. Meanwhile, John is excited to have them all give it to him, but that is not the case. They want him up there still as a pawn against James but lying to him.


The Veto Competition took place and John won it (he is a comp beast, huh)? This sends Vanessa into a whirlwind, as now she has to put up a renom and doesn’t know how to explain to everyone why Audrey is not a renom, as she has been telling everyone that Audrey is the backdoor plan.

Some other drama from the day:

  • Audrey swears on her BB life that she did not try to save Da’Vonne last week and she did not vote for Meg (she did both).
  • Audrey and Meg get into a very heated conversation in the HoH room about Audrey trying to flip the vote. Audrey is lying and Vanessa keeps trying to justify it. Meg is pissed! She goes down afterwards and they know Vanessa will not be putting Audrey up as a renom.
  • Vanessa thinks that Jeff is a twin.
  • Vanessa is convinced that Clay is a twin. His hair changes every couple days and he has a scratch on his knee. Shelli said he isn’t taking his pills, which they find around the house. Austin has said in the past that Clay is ripped, but never works out. Liz/Julia said all they do in sequester is workout when the other is in the house. This Twin Twist has everyone paranoid that they are all twins!
  • Jeff and Vanessa get into a big fight later in the night, but this is her attempt to justify putting him up as a renom.

BB TAKEOVER – Gronk was back and he is throwing mini-parties. If the HGs don’t participate, then they are Have-Nots. If this is the twist for the week, SUPER LAME! They had to run to the shower and everyone get it. They also had to dress up in togas and have a dance party and had a limbo party in the backyard. Seems so tough, right???

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