Sunday was a day of Vanessa telling everyone why she plans to put Jeff on the block at the Veto Meeting today in the Big Brother 2015 house and not Audrey. Vanessa can talk and talk and talk some more and is anyone on Big Brother 17 really listening? Check out the highlights from Sunday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 7:12:2015 Live Feeds Recap 7

BB TAKEOVER – These Gronk Parties had the HGs up all night on Saturday and they continued on Sunday, as they had to do a conga line around the backyard for like 10 minutes. They also had to have a dance party in the kitchen, which had music playing every so often, and a dance party in the living room. I swear, if there is nothing more than these parties and the possibility of someone being a Have Not if they don’t participate than I am going to scream!

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Now to Vanessa, who is trying to justify her actions to everyone. She always planned on putting Jeff up as a renom and never planned to target Audrey this week. She is now using this big blowup between Jeff and Vanessa on Saturday night (which wasn’t that great). She is calling it epic and the biggest fight of the season. She also is saying that she can’t vote out Audrey because Vanessa is a lesbian and Audrey is transgendered and she has to keep her in the game and hopes she does well. Yeah, that makes sense!

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So, Vanessa proceeds to talk to everyone about these reasons. I don’t know why she feels the need to justify it to everyone, but she does. She also claims to never lie in the game and takes offense when people do. That on it’s own is a lie, so god job Vanessa. She talked to John for about 40 minutes, who was clearly over it as you can see in the photos below. She talked to Becky, who didn’t seem thrilled either.

Audrey promised to work with James and he agreed. Then she promised to vote to keep Jeff, if he can get the votes. She never learns does she? Jackie tells Jeff that she will vote to keep him, but it looks like Jeff may be gone this week. The Veto Meeting will take place this afternoon and Jeff should go up and it will be a James and Jeff battle.

We also saw the HGs play Truth or Dare, as voted on by the feedsters. The “Get Jeff Out” alliance formed, which includes Steve, Austin, Liz/Julia, Vanessa, Clay and Shelli. We also saw Austin, Liz and Vanessa worry that Clay and Shelli are working with the other side of the house. They also want to get Audrey out on a double eviction night.

Overall, I am done with Vanessa and she needs to go home next week! Check out some photos from the Live Feeds on Big Brother 2015 on Sunday:

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