While it might be a slow week on Big Brother 2015, it looks like things are boiling for a pretty exciting week next week. I don’t know if I can listen to Jeff or Vanessa talk anymore, but it seems no one trusts anyone on Big Brother 17 and it could be interesting to see who targets who next week! Check out the highlights from Monday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 7:13:2015 Live Feeds Recap 7

During the day, we had another Gronk Party and it looks like it was a luxury comp and Meg won a cruise. Then it was back to Vanessa trying to figure out the right speech to give while putting up Jeff as a renom. This woman is crazy, as she doesn’t seem to want to hurt anyone in the game and needs to justify every move.

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The Veto Meeting finally took place and Jeff is officially the renom after John removed himself from the block. Now it is James against Jeff and I don’t think Jeff has a chance of staying. He looks like he kind of gave up already, but I expect him to throw some people under the bus and blowup some games before leaving.

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For now, John and Jackie have both announced they will be voting to keep Jeff. John said he has been loyal to him since Day 1, so he can’t vote against him and Jackie has The Amazing Race connection, but not people are thinking they are closer then they are claiming.

It appears that everyone is paranoid about everyone else. Clay and Shelli seem to be losing trust in their group, as they think they are working with the other side of the house. Meg, Jeff, James, Jason and Jackie talk and they think Vanessa, Liz, Austin and Steve are all working together. They don’t think Chelli are with them though. People think Steve is a bigger threat then he is coming off as. Vanessa and Audrey have a Chilltown alliance. Vanessa tells Steve to target Meg if he wins HoH. Jason said he would target Steve and Audrey if he won.

Becky, who is still playing the game, complained about not being called into the DR since before Da’Vonne was evicted! I mean, she wasn’t even show on Sunday nights show, so maybe production forgot she is there also?

There was a booze delivery at night and they played a drinking game, which featured Clay licking Jeff’s armpit, Becky licking mayonnaise off Steve’s toe, Jeff in an underwear diaper and who knows what else. So, that should be interesting to watch?

Overall, I want to stop hearing Vanessa and Jeff talk. Is it Thursday yet? And no one trusts anyone, so the targets for Week 4 should be fun to watch play out. In the meantime, some photos from yesterday on the Big Brother 2015 live feeds:

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