We had some drama in the Big Brother 2015 house on Tuesday and amazingly it did not involve Audrey. She seemed to be on her best behavior for the day, so that meant a pretty boring day on Big Brother 17. Check out the highlights from Tuesday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 7:14:2015 Live Feeds Recap 7

One thing to note from the daytime is that the HGs were put on outdoor lockdown and indoor lockdown. They weren’t quite sure why, as nothing really happened during either of the lockdowns. Steve did tell Clay that he thinks things have gone missing around the house, so could production be removing things as part of some kind of comp?

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The biggest drama of the day involved Liz, Jeff and a very jealous Austin. If you remember, Austin got very upset over the weekend when Liz slept in the same bed as James. Now Liz was in bed (and under the covers) with Jeff. He was trying to do some campaigning and mentioned the twin thing to her, which she denied. Austin walked in on this and got super pissed.


This turned into Austin going to James and starting some lie that Jeff was campaigning against him. Austin is on a mission now to guarantee that Jeff is evicted this week, as he wants to amend the deal with John and say he has to vote Jeff out or he could be used as a pawn again next week (and not be kept safe until a week after jury).

The funny thing is that Liz has mentioned she has no interest in Austin (who would be interested in this nut case)? Julia feels the same way, but Vanessa was trying to calm him down and said both of them like him and he should try to kiss Liz that night (she can read people so well, huh)? She later talked with Steve and said that Liz and Austin are in a showmance and it is bad news for them, so that is why she was trying to get them to kiss!

The HGs had a date night and CBS really wants us to like Clay and Shelli, but they just annoy me. And Clay is so pretty, but apparently he doesn’t bathe often! That upsets me, but you can see his feet in the photo below. They are often black and dirty (ugh). We also saw Shelli, Meg, Jason and Audrey (I told you she was playing nice) put on a Big Brother musical.

Late at night, Jeff was talking to Jackie (yeah, she still is playing this game). He was telling her who she can trust (Meg, Jason, James, John and Becky) and who not to trust (Clay and Shelli and he said Austin, Vanessa and Liz are a trio with her twin added in). He said if he is going to be evicted for sure, then he will give her even more details before he leaves. As useless as Jackie has been, I would love to see her add a number to that trusted list and them work together to take out the others.

There doesn’t seem to be much hope for Jeff, but there is one more day to campaign. For now, check out some photos from Tuesday on the Live Feeds:

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