These Houseguests on Big Brother 2015 are really starting to mess with my mind this week and I don’t like that! As Thursday’s live eviction show came to an end, I said I was taking the week off because I couldn’t deal with another week of this. Well, Big Brother 17 got exciting on Friday, but will the big talk turn into big moves? Check out the highlights from Friday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 7:17:2015 Live Feeds Recap 3

So, the day started in a frenzy, as the HGs got their wake-up call and it was time for Shelli to freak out! She had no clue who to put on the block and wanted Vanessa to come up to the HoH room to tell her what to do. While she mentioned putting Audrey up and as the target, as that is what the whole house wanted, she got away from that idea soon after. Clay talked to John and got his approval to use him as a pawn, yet again.

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The Nomination Ceremony happened and we had some chaos start to happen. It’s going to be some he said-she said stuff here, so it might get confusing! Shelli told John and Jason to win it, so would John actually try to win it? Then it came back to Audrey, as Shelli told Jason that Audrey was the one saying Jason was coming after Shelli. This pisses off Jason, as he said he was starting to like Audrey again, but she is dragging his name in the mud still and she is still “Lucifer”.

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Shelli and Audrey get into a heated discussion and Shelli is sick of the lies and sick of Audrey. Then Audrey brings on the tears and by the end of the conversation, Shelli is apologizing to Audrey! At this point, Shelli just wants Jason and James to win BotB and not have to deal with a renom.

Liz had a switch with Julia, so she is in the house and getting caught up on things. For some reason, Austin told Julia about his alter ego Judas. We also had John and Steve talking about past comps and Steve said he was surprised that BotB was brought back, as fans did not like it! Now that is Steve and Jason both saying BotB sucks….did you hear that Grodner?

The Fan Favorite Battle of the Block happened and it was James & Jackie winning (I don’t know if John threw it or not), so John and Jason remain on the block. Jason hurt his wrist during the comp and was icing it during the night, so that could hurt his chances in the Power of Veto.

From there, all hell broke loose on Big Brother 2015. Shelli really wants to backdoor Audrey, but then asks if this is the time (yes, yes it is). Clay is pushing for the BD Audrey plan and says if she doesn’t and he wins HoH next week then he is putting her on the block. Shelli also has no trust of Austin and is tired of him. Vanessa mentioned he seems girl-crazy (thanks to Vanessa pushing this idea into his brain this past week, so tricky lady there) and not into the game.

So, Power of Veto does matter today and one of them needs to come down so Shelli has to put up a renom and then it could get real interesting. Will she go after Audrey or Austin??? Austin was worried about him being the next BD option if Audrey isn’t it! We have been let down before, so I am not holding out any hopes, but it is exciting….for now!

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