They say Sunday Funday and the Houseguests on Big Brother 2015 surely delivered! We had quite a day in the Big Brother 17 house, as things are falling into place for an Audrey backdoor this week. Check out the highlights from Sunday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Live Feeds Recap - 7/19/2015

The fun began about 12:52pm BBT, as Audrey joined Clay and Austin in the backyard. This fight escalated and it went on for about two hours and definitely fun to watch. Clay hates to be lied to (like Vanessa has said in the past too). Well, this is Big Brother and it is bound to happen.

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It turns into a fight in the HoH room with Clay, Audrey, Vanessa and Shelli. After leaving the backyard, Clay went up to the HoH room to inform Vanessa and Shelli what happened and catch them up. Audrey tries to join them, but Clay tells her to go. He catches them up and then Audrey joins. It is Vanessa versus Audrey with Clay joining in, but Shelli is just listening. Clay and Vanessa eventually leave and it is Shelli versus Audrey and everyone is over Audrey.


Audrey knows she will be going on the block this week and Vanessa and Shelli agreed that Jason needs to come down and leave John up there, as he has a better chance against Audrey than Jason would (I agree). Audrey then tries to out the six-person alliance (Sixth Sense – Austin, Shelli, Vanessa, Clay, Liz and Julia). However, she lied so much in this game, no one is believing her.

James and Jackie know about it. Meg and Jason know about it, but no one seems to care. Meg and Jason said they can’t get further in the game with Audrey and don’t care about the six-person alliance. Jason and Meg truly think Chelli is working with them, along with James. Becky said they have to get rid of Audrey so they don’t have to be in the jury house with her and all her paranoia (way to plan ahead on not winning the game Becky)!

To be honest, the day and night was all about Audrey, as the HGs seem confident on putting her up today and it looks like she will be going out the door. Shelli wanted to make it clear this was “the house” wanting it and not just her (I do not like Shelli). Audrey was in the DR for a while and they thought she was self-evicting, but she came back later.

We have the Veto Meeting today and it could be a fun week, as we all know that Audrey won’t leave quietly, right? Check out some photos from Sunday right here:

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