Can anyone say weird and odd day in the Big Brother 2015 house on Monday? Just when you think you are in for a week of the same ol’, same ol’, Audrey’s name comes up for a backdoor option and things get a little crazy on Big Brother 17. Check out the highlights from Monday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 7-20-2015 Live Feeds Recap 7

Monday is the day for the Veto Ceremony, so the Houseguests woke up and got ready for their day. While the HGs waited for the meeting to start in the living room, Audrey went into the Diary Room about 12pm BBT. We then waited and waited and waited some more to find out if Audrey was going to self-evict or not.

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Late Sunday night, Audrey did talk to Vanessa about quitting the game, but Vanessa talked her off the ledge. Now it was about five hours of HGs speculating and production trying to talk her off the edge. Finally, Audrey emerged from the DR and went straight to the HN room, shut off the lights (not normally allowed during the day) and went to bed. The face of Julia below is priceless, as that is her reaction to the return of Audrey! You can also see photos of her return and sleeping in the HN room.

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Shortly afterwards, the Veto Meeting was held and Audrey did not attend! We waited all afternoon for this and then she doesn’t show up??? I guess production needed to make sure she was staying in the game? Vanessa used the veto to take Jason off the block and Shelli put Audrey up as the renom. I am dying to see how CBS shows us how this all went down tomorrow night on the show.

To be honest, most of the day and talk focused on Audrey. Would she leave or would she come back? Is she okay? Becky made her a pizza later in the night, which Audrey is a Have-Not but production is letting her eat food. They never showed Audrey eating it, so who knows. She slept the night through in the HN room, which she might do all week until eviction.

Some interesting things to point out from Monday in the Big Brother 17 house:

  • Liz was supposed to swap with Julia right before Audrey had her meltdown. So, Liz sat in a car for five hours waiting for Audrey to leave the DR! Once she did then the swap could happen.
  • Becky talked again of how she was contacted on Tinder (a dating app) to apply for Big Brother. So, this is how they are recruiting now? No more bars?
  • Talk has shifted to next week and who the targets will be. Vanessa, Austin, Steve and Liz are on the radar for the good side. Jason seems to have figured out the twins for sure and knows they switched yesterday and knows that Austin is aware of it and informs them of everything that has been going on. They do talk about going after Liz before they can both play the game.
  • Shelli tells Clay that they can’t trust Vanessa and she lies a lot, even when she doesn’t need to. Clay, he’s such a pretty boy, said they don’t have to worry about her!
  • Steve and Vanessa chat a while (they have the Students of Sound alliance) and Steve gives up a lot of info to her. Is this alliance legit or is she using him?

So, there were some other happenings, but most of the day and night focused on Audrey and her state of mind in the game. I am thinking they drugged her up to settle her down and I am hoping they wear off today and she comes out of the HN room with her gloves on. It would be sad to see the person that stirred the pot the most this season to leave without a fight. There is no chance of her staying (unless a twist comes along the way), but it would be fun to watch on the Live Feeds!

Check out some photos from Monday right here:

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