It was a pretty slow and boring day in the Big Brother 2015 house, but things started to heat up as the night got very late. Jason seems like he gave up hope, but Operation Save Jason has begun and Chelli is their main hope, which was the obvious choice on Big Brother 17. Check out the highlights from Tuesday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 7-28-2015 Live Feeds Recap

During the day, nothing really happened. Becky laid out by the pool and John did dishes and flossed his teeth! Vanessa got the HOH camera, but everyone was mostly sleeping, so those should be some exciting photos. Clay and Shelli woke up first and were talking about home and Shelli got excited about how much his mother reminds her of herself. So, Clay looks like Shelli’s brother and she is like his mother. Seems like a good, healthy relationship, right???

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Things got interesting later on, but this move by Vanessa to put Jason up as the renom has definitely woken up James, Meg and Jackie, but is it too late for them? Meg tells Jason that he isn’t going out like Audrey with a cloak on! While Becky talks about going for a small target next week, like Steve, Meg said she is coming out with guns blazing and going for a big target!

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Chelli seems to be worried about Jackie now, but Vanessa said things are fine with her and she wants to target Becky next. Um, she is on the block right now….target her right now! Chelli is also worried about the double eviction and them both being on the block at the same time, which they think Jackie would be the only one to do that. Shelli also thinks that Jason, Meg, James and Jackie have gotten closer this week. Um, duh! You put them against the rest of the house, so of course they are going to get closer!

So, Operation Save Jason began late in the night, but Meg talked with Clay and she wants them to save Jason. She said Becky is going to be bitter after this week. She said Jackie wants to work with them (Chelli) rather than against them. She is laying it on thick and I think it is working with Clay. Shelli is super paranoid about the DE and that paranoia could save Jason, especially since she thinks Jecky (John and Becky) are more powerful in the game than Chelli (yeah, okay). Clay said they are feeling nervous about this week and Meg said they should be! She is being sneaky and planting those seeds and I am loving it! I knew I always liked that spunky little girl!

Shelli and Clay talk after Meg leaves and it may have been a bust, as Shelli mentions Becky might put them both on the block. They think Becky and Jackie are working together and could be good to break them up. Then the nail in the coffin? She realizes that John is with them and if they vote out Becky then they would lose him.

I am still unsure of how this is going to play out. It is a long shot for Jason to stay in the Big Brother 17 house, but at least they are trying now and we have a full day for those seeds of doubt to grow in Chelli’s mind. Operation Save Jason needs to work on Vanessa, even though she doesn’t have a vote. Get that paranoia in her mind and that trickles down to Shelli and then Clay does whatever Shelli wants. I am hoping and praying we have a fun Wednesday and we could see some changes coming before that live vote tomorrow night!

Check out some photos of the action right here:

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