We all held hands and prayed to the BB Gods and they may have finally listened to our Big Brother 2015 prayers! We have a shift in power on Big Brother 17 and despite an agreement during the HOH comp, it looks like some BIG moves could be happening this week! Check out the highlights from Thursday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 7-30-2015 Live Feeds Recap 10

Of course, we had the first endurance comp of the season, as Julie Chen announced the game was reset once the twins moved in and no more, I repeat, NO MORE Battle of the Block and one HOH each week!!! So, James won HOH for Week 6, but Shelli made him agree to not nominate her or Clay before she jumped off. He agreed and agreed to not nominate Johnny Mac.

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Julia is now in the game and it was time to catch her up on things, as she has been out of the house for six days now! Liz tried to smooth things over with the Austin thing, but Julia was NOT having it. Liz was defending him and said what Jason told her was a lie. Julia even confronted Austin on it and told Liz she better have her back over his. Liz said he is a good guy and Julia said she can’t be nice to him and he is disgusting!!!


Shelli had a freakout moment, as they are not in power this week and she thinks it was a bad move to jump down, but felt she couldn’t win because that would be three wins in the HOH comps. Vanessa said they’ll be fine and James promised them (hehehe).

Becky seems to be working both sides of the house right now, as she was up with James, Meg and Jackie discussing things, but then ran to Clay with info. James is going big this week and just doesn’t seem to care if they come after him next week. He said a power couple needs to be broken up and that power couple seems to be Chelli!!! They go back-and-forth on things, but the backdoor option seems to be on Shelli right now! They mention Austin and Liz going up and then Vanessa and Liz.

Back to Becky, as Clay tells Shelli what he heard and she freaks out (I am going to love this). They go talk to James and he said he is sticking to the plan (you know, like THEY stuck to the plan last week)! This is Big Brother 2015 and plans change people, which has me finally excited for this season. He did tell them the Jason thing got him worried. He questions them on who kept mentioning his name as a renom last week.

It looks like James is pissed about last week and he is going to take down some big dogs in the process. Like I said, plans could change, but I am thinking it will be Vanessa and Liz on the block today and Shelli is that backdoor option. No BotB today, so just nominations and the POV tomorrow. Get ready folks and check out some photos from Thursday night:

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