We had some interesting events happen in the Big Brother 2015 house on Wednesday, but will it have a factor into tonight’s eviction on Big Brother 17? I am thinking probably not, but it definitely peeks our interest! Check out the highlights from Wednesday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 7:8:2015 Live Feeds Recap 9

It was the last full day in the house for Da’Vonne and she had to try and figure out how to get five votes in order to stay. She did some campaigning during the day and thinks she has Liz and John’s votes (at this point, maybe Liz, but not John). Vanessa continued her campaign to get closer to Shelli and Clay and it looks like they have solidified their alliance, called Three’s Company, and Shelli tells Vanessa about the Twin Twist details, even though Vanessa already knew about it.

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Flashback to 1:47pm BBT and Day and Audrey get into it again. They have a heated conversation about Audrey telling the house Day is trying to flip the vote. Day says everyone is afraid of Audrey. She denies everything. The one statement I liked during this all is Audrey said something about everyone in the house lies, but she is executed for it.

The HGs were on lockdown and they finally opened the backyard up to them and they had a nice surprise: practice time for the HoH competition tonight (4:00pm BBT)! They got about an hour to practice, but it looks like they will be rolling balls down a device and try to shoot them into buckets. I’m am sure it will be much more elaborate tonight, but probably try to score the most points to win HoH. I included some photos below.


Every night, the HGs do these stupid podcast shows. Apparently production told them that people like them, so it looks like we might have two hours every night on Big Brother 2015 of them talking no game and putting on a show for us….very lame. The night before, it seems that Jeff and Austin did something during the show that was offensive to the ladies, so they apologized during the day at a House Meeting. At night, the show was all about love and Austin won the Silver Power of Love and got a kiss from Jackie for winning (I know, who is this Jackie I mention, right)?

Two big events from the evening:

  1. Audrey knows that Chelli is not working with her (and everyone else in the house too), so she goes to Day and said she has her vote and now she needs three more votes. Day seems hesitant, but I think Audrey was being legit on this one. She said they need each other if Day stays. Day said to include Jason on the deal (Audrey agrees to). It is a late ditch effort, but it got Day thinking and campaigning some more.
  2. Julia was in the house and she confirmed to Vanessa that she is playing as a twin (Flashback to 2:07am on 7/9 on Cam 3). She tells Julia to tell no one and lie, lie, lie about it if asked. She said they both enter Week 5, if they can make it there. Vanessa runs to Shelli and Clay and tells them and they are excited because now they can pull Liz into their alliance and get another number (Julia) when she enters.

Shelli and Clay now seem to have their sites set on Audrey being evicted next week, but they think she is America’s Player (she is not) and Shelli is so paranoid about voting her out because of that. She is more worried about us liking her than winning the game. Too late honey, no one likes you so go for that $500,000!

So, can Day rally up three more votes today? For anything to happen, she needs to use this Twin Twist against someone. Either against Three’s Company and they are working with Liz/Julia and people need to see that, but then James and Jeff aren’t going to vote out Meg. Austin promised Meg he would vote out Day and told Day he would only change his mind if the house changed their minds (ugh).

It was some excitement, but I don’t think it will lead us anywhere. For now, check out some photos from the Live Feeds on Big Brother 2015 yesterday:

Click on image for full view

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