After the second eviction on Big Brother 2015, it is now time to move on to Week 3 on Big Brother 17 with two new Heads of Household in the mix. Since it isn’t a holiday weekend, things will be a little slower this time around, as the HoHs started their talks of who the target will be this week. Check out the highlights from Thursday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 7:9:2015 Live Feeds Recap 4

So, the Live Feeds came back after the live eviction show and we had general chatter around the Big Brother 2015 house. Most HGs were surprised by the audience cheering so loudly for Da’Vonne when she walked through the doors. Shelli thinks America hates her for getting rid of Day (no Shelli, we hate you for many other reasons too)!

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There was talk about the second vote for Day and people think it was Audrey. There was talk, yet again, of her being America’s Player. Jason said he saw her come out of the Diary Room on Wednesday night and then went to Day with the plan to save her and vote to keep her there, which is interesting to hear! Audrey said she would be too obvious of a choice and she thinks Steve is AP. Or there isn’t an America’s Player on Big Brother 17, so shut up about it!


Austin and Vanessa finally got to talking about the nominations this week (which should be this afternoon). They both seem to be on board with Jeff as the target (but Austin does show some hesitation about the idea later on). Vanessa would like to stay HoH for the week, which Austin was fine with. They want to backdoor Jeff and she has James and then Jason as a backup plan.

I am trying to get a timestamp on this one (it appears to be about 8:15pm BBT and I don’t think it is anything but Jeff touching himself, yet again, but not in a bad way), but it appears that Jeff may have pleasured himself on the back of Julia before the switch. I saw a video of it and I am not convinced, as they are laying in bed and she has a bandanna over her eyes and back to him. They are talking game and there is some subtle movement down there for him. However, he is always scratching himself and touching his junk, so I am thinking it was that. He then talks about a stain on her back and it isn’t coming off. I’ll keep searching for the time and a better understanding, but people are calling for him to be expelled, so maybe none of this matters?

Liz and Julia shift and Liz is in the house now and goes to talk to Vanessa, Clay and Austin. This is what baffles the hell out of me. Shelli and Clay have a “plan” to keep Liz/Julia in the house and convince everyone they are not twins. The plan includes using a brown marker to draw a matching mole on one of their faces. My question: do they not realize that the other side of the house that they are trying to convince that the Twin Twist is not true is the side of the house that discovered the Twin Twist? They are the ones that determined that Liz had a twin playing with her, so now they will just forget about all of that because she has a mole drawn on her face??? I swear, Clay and Shelli should just stop talking and just self-evict and go get married!

Vanessa did talk to Audrey and told her that she will be safe this week and not their target. She told her to use this week to rebuild her game. Yeah, Audrey was not a target last week and still managed to distance herself from people even more. Without Day in the house, who will she fight with though???

By the end of the night, it appears that Austin will nominate Jason and Meg and Vanessa will nominate James and John (a pawn, yet again). John will throw the competition and they remain on the block and Vanessa stays HoH. However, what happens when Jeff wins PoV and takes James off the block? Jason can’t go up, as he would have won BotB.

Check out some photos from the Live Feeds on Thursday right here:

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