This week on Big Brother 2015 has not gone as expected for me and Wednesday was a lot more calm than I thought it would be. Vanessa seems to be staying tonight, at least for the first eviction, and Shelli seems to know about it, but not really campaigning hard on Big Brother 17. Check out the highlights from Wednesday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 8-12-2015 Live Feeds Recap 8

There was talk throughout the day of tonight’s eviction, but it seems like James Gang is set on evicting Shelli and keeping Vanessa around. They think that is the best choice and they can get rid of Vanessa whenever they want (yeah, okay). I think they don’t realize that they are only three people and they are isolating Becky (and essentially John) with this vote.

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Steve had his normal struggles of being so great at this game and what he does actually matters, as he struggled which person to evict. He ended up telling Van she will be safe and offered hugs. Johnny Mac has been very sad and feels he has no one in the game (kind of true, sadly). Austin feels he gets called to the DR all the time (because we love him and he is DR gold), so that paranoia is spreading around the house and they all think he is America’s Player. That AP has shifted a whole lot this season, huh???

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The only ones onboard with not evicting Shelli is Shelli, John and Becky and John is the only one with a vote. So, it looks like Shelli will be evicted first and then we move into the double eviction and this is where it is going to get dirty and messy and so much fun to watch!!!

The Live Feeds went down for about an hour last night on Big Brother 17 and apparently the HGs were shown videos to memorize, which will be used for tonight’s HOH comp. Talk between Meg and Van doing well on this, but we all know that Meg freezes under pressure, but I hope she can pull it out!

For tonight’s eviction, James Gang is so off on who they think people will target. They have talked and they want Van gone and JMac up on the block with her and Steve as a replacement. They think Austwins will target Van and Steve. They also think they might target Becky and are okay with that, as they are getting more and more annoyed with her this week.

In actuality, Van wants to target Becky and Austwins want to target JMac. How did Johnny Mac get on everyone’s radar and how did the Austwins manage to not get on anyone’s??? I am praying for a James Gang win at HOH tonight and take out Vanessa then a JMac win later in the night and take out one of the Austwins next week.

Good vibes needed for tonight, but in the meantime, check out some photos from the Big Brother 2015 house on Wednesday:

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