We were riding a wave for a couple weeks on Big Brother 2015, as the good guys were winning comps and things were, kind of, going out way. The Double Eviction came last night on Big Brother 17 and that wave died out and our hopes of a good guy winning may have to! Check out the highlights from Thursday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 8-13-2015 Live Feeds Recap 10

After that terrible DE that saw Jackie eliminated, we had the Live Feeds come back and John was sitting alone in silence, as was Meg. It was determined that Steve asked John not to use the POV and he felt no connection with Jackie and heard she was going to backdoor him (which Vanessa told him), so that is why he was gunning for her. My theory of getting rid of Van over Shelli will continue and this is only part of that reasoning.

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So, the bad side think the HOH comp will be the days comp, so they are studying. Meanwhile, the good side is chatting about things and Meg said that was later on and won’t be the HOH comp (maybe that is why they don’t win the mind comps….they don’t have any)? So, the Live Feeds cut to Jeff Loops and they continue as BBAD starts. They come back shortly after and my night got even worse, as Liz won HOH for Week 8.


To further my case on evict Van first, she is immediately in Liz’s ear and telling her HER plans for the week, as if she won HOH. I don’t know if Shelli could have had that much pull. Of course, the target is Becky and put up John with her, so if he wins POV then he can’t save her. If she comes down, then James is the backdoor plan….for now.

Prior to this, Van was trying to make a deal with John for them and Steve, as it would be 3/3/3. Because, you know, she is not with Austwins! John never accepted a deal and it eventually turned into John may be going up, but he is safe. Van also told Liz to tell Becky no deals this week, as Becky told Van that last week (catty).

Meg and James talk to Austwins and they feel they are safe and they can trust Austin and his allies. They helped him last week, so they’ll do the same this week (they are so naive and terrible at reading people, which is a reason why I called them idiots for this plan….they trust too easily and you can’t in the Big Brother 2015 house).

Becky goes to talk to the HOH crew and she is throwing Van under the bus and doing a good job of it. She said that Van is a chameleon and she honestly has Austin thinking things when she leaves. He contemplates maybe keeping Becky around to get out Vanessa. As good as that is, it would be a JMac eviction this week instead of Becky! Lose-Lose!

As if Freaks & Geeks alliance existed (I think it was Steve, Van and Austwins), they now have to come up with a new name because that is a TV show. They are now “Scamper Squad” and I will just leave that one there for you all to discuss!

Check out some photos from last night right here:

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