It was a weird day on the Big Brother 2015 Live Feeds, especially as we were having down time for no reason and getting all the feedsters in an uproar! In the end, pretty sad day with the results of Power of Veto as it sound like OTEV returned for Big Brother 17. Check out the highlights from Saturday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 8-15-2015 Live Feeds Recap

There was a heat advisory in California and production was telling the HGs to stay hydrated. Some game talk, but then feeds went down for over two hours! Most people thought they picked players and then did POV before the heat came. Nope, they come back on to a house full of sleeping HGs!

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A little later, feeds down again and this time they actually picked the POV players! No big news on that front, so we have general chit-chat for game talk and John felt good with the picks and he trust the Austwins. Now Austin is worried about the plan of getting Vanessa out next week and maybe she will win HOH (ya think)???


Feeds go down again and now we have the Veto Comp going on. While most were rooting for a JMac victory, it was Liz winning POV and our hopes and dreams crashed for an exciting week. She was worried about putting up a renom, so now she most likely will keep the noms the same. However, wild things have always happened on Sunday to make things change for Monday’s Veto Meeting, so I am holding out hope, but for now, it looks like Becky is the target and heading to jury on Thursday night.

For the rest of the night, we got to see Liz and Austin celebrate their veto win, as it came down to the two of them. It was supposedly OTEV, but not physical and John was saying it was based more on luck. Liz compared herself to Rachel Reilly for how great of a player she is.

We had the HGs pulling pranks on each other, with James leading the pack on that one. We had candy in beds spelling out “I H8 U” and then “WE H8 U” and he tin foiled Julia’s whole bed! Vanessa did her worried talk and Becky needs to go and JMac is somehow connected to Clay. The Austwins were talking about throwing the HOH comp this week and I so hope John, James or Meg win it and then target the Austwins instead of Vanessa. They have more power then Vanessa right now and need to be broken up.

Steve did talk to Van and she confirmed their F2 deal and he agreed, but then later told us he was lying and he does not trust her anymore. Then James and Steve talked later about America’s Fav Player and who was leading the vote. Earlier, John and Becky talked and John joked about how great the BB Takeover has been this season!

Here’s to hoping for some drama on Sunday and mix up those noms for Monday, as Vanessa blows up and Liz grows a pair and puts her on the block…..I can hope, right?

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