As much as I have enjoyed Big Brother 2015, I have been equally frustrated with these HGs on Big Brother 17. No one wants to make a move and the time to do that “big move” is always next week, as we are finding out by the latest Austwins miracle thinking. Check out the highlights from Sunday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 8-16-2015 Live Feeds Recap 5

We had a slower Sunday in the Big Brother 2015 house, as not much is happening right now besides people talking about Vanessa needing to go, but wanting someone else to take the fall for getting her out. The HGs had the photo booth during the day, which Vanessa spent that time outside alone. Then they had a pool party and playing games with the inflatable shark, which spent alone on the hammock and then went inside alone!

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Vanessa then went off on Steve because she felt all alone in the game and she felt like a pariah whenever she talks to people and they all leave the room. She is paranoid about the Veto Meeting this afternoon, but has no reason to be. The Austwins are afraid to go after her and want to get John as HOH next week and have him take her out.

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Steve tells Austin about this, so they agree to be more friendly to Van this week to keep her calm and calm down that paranoia. Liz is talking to Van and saying she has nothing to worry about. Julia and Austin talking and he said he would backdoor Vanessa if he were HOH this week. Um, you pretty much are, so that is all talk right there!

The HGs got three cans of beer and two bottles of wine, but it didn’t lead to any crazy drunken moments on Big Brother 2015. John feels James Gang will coast to the end with no one coming after them since only two of them. I still don’t know why John won’t join them with Steve and make a foursome to go against the other foursome in the house, since Becky should be headed out the door this Thursday. Instead, John really has no place in the house and Steve is on the bottom (but probably thinks he is at the top) of the bad side of the house.

James and Meg talk and they think they are playing for second place and that ain’t too bad (now they are going to piss me off too)??? Also during the day, Van admitted that she threw the DE HOH comp because she felt safe.

So, Becky should be worried (and she kind of is), but Vanessa is showing more paranoia than her. They all seem to want Van gone, but when will the “right time” ever come??? Check out some photos from Sunday right here:

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