Is it Thursday yet in the Big Brother 2015 house??? I am beyond ready for Week 8 on Big Brother 17 to be done and the reign of Liz to be over and it appears that everyone else in the Big Brother 2015 house feels the same way. Check out the highlights from Tuesday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 8-18-2015 Live Feeds Recap 2

For Tuesday, we didn’t have a whole lot of action and we didn’t have a whole lot of game talk going on. The majority of the game talk was between John and Steve, as John is still determined to get Vanessa out next week (good because I thought he was changing his mind on that) and Steve doesn’t understand why. Steve would rather get James or Meg out of the house before Van (yup). John said he would nominate Van and one of the twins or even Steve!

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If you dare, flashback to 4:27pm BBT for some under-the-cover action between Liz and Austin in the HOH bed. I’d rather not see it again and not sure what was happening, but watch at your own risk!

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Here are some other highlights from the day:

  • Liz finished her HOH blog and it was time for the HOH camera to come out.
  • Van and Steve played chess, but Van quit the game because Steve wasn’t even trying.
  • The HGs had a mock trial in the backyard for some reason and Becky was the judge and Austin and James were found guilty and sent to jail.
  • James, Meg and Liz were sleeping and wake up worried that Van got to JMac and now he won’t target her.
  • John doesn’t want Shelli come back from jury, as she would come to him and Steve and that would make them a target (um, you’re on the block right now….you are a target regardless)!
  • Julia mentioned a psychiatrist had to be called in for Audrey and we got fish.
  • Steve asks Meg if he can talk to her during wakeup music today, as he wants to talk about a personal matter from home while the feeds are down (hmmmm)?

Overall, the day felt more like a F3 day then a F9 day. No campaigning or drama this week, so bring on a new (good) HOH and a big target on that block….please!

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