After a pretty quiet week in the Big Brother 2015 house, it seems like we finally had some shifting of the target last night, but will it be enough to change the results tonight on Big Brother 17? Doubt it, but Vanessa was doing work. Check out the highlights from Wednesday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 8-19-2015 Live Feeds Recap 10

So, Becky injured her toe during that POV comp we saw last night. It has gotten increasingly worse since Saturday and she was hobbling around yesterday and in a lot of pain. She asked for a doctor early in the morning and finally got one later in the day. She got some pain meds and apparently had it lanced and drained of the “bad stuff.” However, she was still telling John late last night that it hurt and she was still hobbling.

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This is where it gets interesting. Well, interesting for Week 8 on Big Brother 17 (a week that has been beyond slow and boring). Earlier in the day, Liz and Austin talked about Becky’s injury and she is trying to milk it to stay in the game because she is injured and couldn’t win comps. They said they can’t fall for it. Well, “they” did, meaning first Julia and then Vanessa!

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Julia first comes to them about keeping Becky over John and then Van comes up shortly afterwards and says the same thing. Austin and Liz shoot down the idea and say she’ll be better by Veto and can win that and they’ll have to deal with her another week. Van, the Deal Queen, wants to bring up JMac and make a deal to keep him safe (how many times can you make the same deal and she already promised him that he would be safe this week).

Austin also hints to Vanessa that they can’t win HOH this week and throw it to John or James and let them go after each other. Van agrees, but she has been telling Steve that she really needs to win this one. I don’t see her throwing it and I see her winning it and I see Steve being the “mastermind” that he is and outing all of what Austwins has said this week and them being the target. It should be Liz, but I think Van would go for Austin.

Earlier in the day, Austin and Liz talked about which side of the house they want to go with. They said they would go with whatever side won HOH this week. Van trying to change the votes made them change their mind and they talked about a F5 for the Austwins, James and Meg.

Besides the slight talk in changing the vote, the HGs also got to enjoy some In-N-Out takeout and played some bowling at night. I am ready for this week to end and hope for a fun night with the HOH comp. I want Vanessa gone, but these people have to realize that the Austwins are triplets now and someone needs to break that up!

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