Will the talk finally end on Big Brother 2015 and will someone finally make a move in this game??? We moved into Week 9 on Big Brother 17 and the new HOH may have gone through every possibility for nominations and my head hurts over it all! Check out the highlights from Thursday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 8-20-2015 Live Feeds Recap 5

Venting Session #1 – CBS emails us and tells us to promote the Live Feeds and we’ll get to see the endurance comp happen live on there. Needless to say, the comp was shown about 20% of the time and 80% of the time we saw Jeff Loops. They would show us one minute of the comp and then five minutes of loops. It was so annoying, but the winner of the comp made me even more annoyed! CBS, don’t tell me to promote something and then not even show the comp!

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So, Austin won HOH and then the circle of nomination possibilities began. To be honest, it was a lot to take in and it was pointless talk because I don’t think he even knows what he wants to do. Mind you, he told Julia last week that if he was HOH then he would backdoor Vanessa. Now is your chance buddy, show us those balls that Liz likes touching under the covers!


Venting Session #2 – I am sorry to say this, but I think I have officially given up on Johnny Mac. He admitted to not trying that hard in the HOH competition. Why? Because James and Austin were going to throw it to him. Um, you give it your all every freaking time! Then he volunteers to be a pawn, yet again, later in the night. Even Steve wouldn’t volunteer as a pawn, as he knows pawns go home. Vanessa said it last night and I hate to agree with her, but I think JMac is just a bad player and I am sick of trying to defend him!

The feedsters were excited for Austin to get a letter from home and hoping it would be from his girlfriend, but it was from his parents….another disappointment of the night!

For the nominations, the talk was Steve and JMac as nominees and JMac as the target. Julia and Liz got worried about James later in the night and they started to want him out, but Austin seems adamant about not getting James or Meg out this week (the only thing that he seems sure about). There was talk of JMac and Vanessa going up and Meg and Vanessa, as Austin is sick of Vanessa and wants her gone.

Van and Austin were talking in the HOH room and Austin was done with her and told her to go, but she wanted three more minutes. He denied her (and no one denies Van anything)! She cried to Steve about this later on, so you know Vanessa’s paranoia will be working overtime and Austin, I think, is getting higher up on her target’s list!

Austin told Steve and John about his “Judas” character. I almost feel like the top hat could be brought out again (he had it on last night) and Judas could be the one to target Vanessa this week! But then I think Austin’s balls will shrink again and go back inside of him and JMac will be going to the jury house and we pray Jackie wins and comes back to James Gang and causes some havoc in the house!

I am sure the nominees will change 80 million times today, but that should happen later today (has been about 6 or 7pm EST the last couple weeks.

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