What a wild Monday in the Big Brother 2015 house, we the HGs prepared for the Veto Meeting and Vanessa was in full-on crazy mode and bullying HGs along the way, but acting like the victime on Big Brother 17. Check out the highlights from Monday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 8-24-2015 Live Feeds Recap 6

I will never understand Vanessa, as she said James was being a bully by telling people they have to vote out Shelli over Clay, when he was actually telling people he wanted Shelli to be voted out, but vote how they feel best (such a bully)! Van then turns around and is downright mean to people and pushes them and pushes them more and is mean while doing it, but that is not being a bully? She is so mean to HGs at times, but plays the victim at the same time and gets them to apologize to her when they deserve the apology.

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For Monday, it started out with Vanessa working her magic before the Veto Meeting. John told her about the 5-HG alliance (him, Steve and Austwins) to backdoor her. This pisses her off and Austin and Liz tell her that Steve orchestrated it. Now Van wants Steve gone and she won’t even talk to him. Austin tries to smooth things over with Steve and said he still wants him to stay. This all happens between 10:25am – 11:10am BBT, so worth the flashback.


The Veto Meeting happened and Vanessa did not use it, but we all knew that would happen. Liz and Julia are pissed about JMac telling Van about the 5-HG alliance and they want him gone and start saying some catty things about John. They are being the mean girls in high school and it is not pretty. Later on, Julia does cam talk and she apologizes for how they acted earlier towards Johnny Mac and it is not how they want to be portrayed (too late).

Now it is a battle between the Austwins wanting JMac gone and Vanessa wanting Steve gone. John tells Liz that he has no one in the house and that is why he told Van, he has no one to confide in. He also nails it on the head, as he said it doesn’t really feel like it was much of a deal since him and Steve are on the block! Meanwhile, James and Meg celebrate silently that they avoided the block this week.

The rest of the night consisted on what will be happening until Thursday night’s eviction on Big Brother 2015: flip-flopping with the votes! Vanessa finally allowed Steve to talk to her and she jus bullied him and I hate using that word, especially since it seems to get tossed around a lot these days. However, she was just downright rude to him and acting like he committed such a terrible crime for wanting her gone and he betrayed her when she has done the same thing to everyone in the house. That is what I can’t stand about Van. She plays the innocent victim in everything, but she has done worse things all season long and it is fine. Don’t lie to her. She hates liars, but she lies to everyone. I’m done with her!

Besides all that, we did have Austin working out all day, including his fingers in the HOH bed. Also during the day, Austin talked about promising both John and Steve to stay as long as they agreed to throw HOH comp next week. Would any idiot agree to that deal???

This is the one moment I loved and made me have faith in James again! Him and Meg playing pool and he actually said he might have to go big if he wins HOH and put Austin and Liz up and one of them goes home! They talked about working with the returning HG, whoever it is, since they need someone working with them and not another number against them. I have faith in them, even if it is small!

The vote is going to change one million times before Thursday night and it all really depends on what Vanessa wants, sad but true. She will get the twins to do as she says and we all know James and Meg will follow along. JMac seems out of it and I think he is ready to go back to drilling teeth, so send him home and bring on Jackie!

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