I don’t know if I have ever been more confused about what is going on in the Big Brother 2015 house. Vanessa seems to be off her meds and both her personalities are coming out to play on Big Brother 17 and Austin seems to be joining in on the fun! Check out the highlights from Tuesday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 8-25-2015 Live Feeds Recap 7

To be honest, I don’t even know how to explain what happened yesterday because I am not even sure I know what happened. Vanessa is a freak and she is all over the place with her thoughts. One minute she is talking to John about keeping him and then Steve and then telling Austwins that John needs to go and then it switches to Steve needing to go and John would throw the HOH comp for them and then Meg tells Austin she wants to vote Steve out, so Van says this gives them incentive to keep Steve. There were a lot more stops on this crazy train yesterday, but I lost the itinerary and can’t remember them all.

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John has been doing some campaigning and he told Van that she is not as strong as she thinks she is with Austwins. He said the plan was for her to be the backdoor option this week and Austin did not want to put her on the block right away because she would freak out. Whether she believed it or not, that will be sitting in her mind and slowly boil until she has power and takes them out!

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Austin got the HOH camera and apparently wasn’t taking selfies correctly with Liz and she threw a fit about it. She walked out like a six-year-old and was going to sleep in one of the bedrooms downstairs. He had to come in and talk to her about it, all while John was trying to sleep in the other bed. They leave together and John sits up and pretends to vomit after having to sit and listen to that convo (welcome to our world, John)!

John tried to work deals with Van to stay this week. She tells him to work on the twins first before JaMeg. She then runs to the twins and said John is trying to campaign still and they don’t know why he doesn’t just give up and roll over. Um, because you are playing for $500,000 and maybe some people in the house want to actually win it? They also have been upset that John would plot against them and don’t get why he would. I don’t think they understand how this game works.

Austwins and Vanessa were up in the HOH room later on and we had Austin and Liz call John a “pansy” for how he played the game and throwing comps and always being a pawn. Liz and Vanessa pretty much say all dentists are crazy and Austin says that dentists are medical school dropouts. Vanessa does some Becky bashing also. They really make you want to like them, huh?

I really want James to win HOH this week and see where his head is at on Big Brother 2015. He scares me, as he seems to be working with Austin, but then he mentioned about nominating Austin and Liz because they need to be broken up. Austin is telling him that John needs to go because he can win endurance comps and it would be getting out a threat. Or team up with him and take down the Fortress, as Steve presented to you! They may always be a target bigger than you, but they are also a solid three and maybe four that will vote you out in an instant, so get them out now!

We have one more full day in the house and who knows where their minds will go today. The target always seems to fall back on John, but JaMeg could vote out Steve and the twins seem set on voting out John, so it does come down to Vanessa on this one and what she decides is best for the game of the person that is controlling her brain at that time.

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