In one breath, these Houseguests on Big Brother 2015 can say they are voting to keep Clay and in the very next breath they say they are voting to keep Shelli. The voice of reason on all of this: Vanessa. She wants Shelli to stay, so that will happen. If she changes her mind before tomorrow night on Big Brother 17, then Shelli will go. Check out the highlights from Tuesday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 8-4-2015 Live Feeds Recap 9

Vanessa is working the whole house and the only one on to her is Jackie, which is so crazy to think. Vanessa talked with Steve in the morning and he wanted to make a F4 alliance with her, Shelli and John. She nixed that idea and said things will just align for them (or some horseshit answer). She then went on a tyrant about Clay and John being related and Steve questioned they have different accents, but she said they grew up in different states, obviously (duh Steve)! Then it turned to Meg and John being related. If you can’t pick it up, Vanessa’s targets are John and Clay!

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The HOH camera came and most HGs were sleeping, so those should be fun pictures! Then Vanessa starts working on putting a wedge between Clay and Shelli, as she starts saying that Clay thinks he is staying 100%. It seems to work, for a while, as they have some tension going on during the afternoon. Vanessa is always thinking and always planning, so when will everyone else (besides Jackie) figure that out?

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John and Becky talk and they only trust each other and can’t trust Chelli. Becky said they need to work with James, Jackie and Meg and they’ll be bigger targets then them. They said they’ve done a lot for the other side and have gotten nothing from them (and Vanessa has her eyes set on John next)!

The Austwins are the ones that baffle me the most, as they seem to want Clay to stay one minute and then it changes to Shelli the next minute. Julia suggests keeping Clay, but Austin and Liz say no way. Then later in the night, Julia and Liz talk and want to be with the good guys and vote with the house to evict Shelli, but then it changes later on.

The HGs got Chipotle delivered and some beer and wine. This leads to some new talks about the double eviction and James, Jackie, Meg and Becky talking about who to go after and they talk the floaters (um, going after yourselves prior to this week)? Then Vanessa and Austwins join in the conversation and they all agree to not target each other during DE, so that John, Steve and the remaining Chelli memeber. No way Vanessa would stick to that, as she would not vote out Steve.

Meanwhile, John and Steve talk about what is going on up in the HOH room and they agree it isn’t game talk. Um, wake up boys!

Vanessa does mention keeping Shelli to the HOH crew, but then voting her out next week. They mention she is due for an HOH win. Jackie questions her on putting up Shelli if she won HOH and Vanessa said she would. Later on, Jackie said she isn’t buying it! Vanessa was also looking for a reason to evict Shelli over Clay and remembered that Shelli made the deal with James during the HOH comp and didn’t include her in on it. Jackie also said it would be easier to vote Shelli out now and then Vanessa wouldn’t have to worry about doing it next week if she won HOH.

Chelli broke their no-kissing rule, as they were making out in the backyard on Big Brother 2015!

So, my head hurts from all this back-and-forth madness. It really all depends on what the Austwins decide to do and if they go against Vanessa’s wishes. We have like 36 hours before the live eviction, so Vanessa could change her mind on this also. Time will tell, but check out some photos from Tuesday in the meantime:

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