It looks like the HGs on Big Brother 2015 are planning more and more for the end of the season, but some wall shouters had some of the HGs planning for now! Plus, no one knows about the Double Eviction this week on Big Brother 17, so it could get very interesting come Thursday night. Check out the highlights from Tuesday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 9-1-2015 Live Feeds Recap 4

James and Meg have come up with Operation Trojan Horse, which is to save her game and get Austin and Johnny Mac to join forces with them. They had a plan to put this operation into play on Tuesday, but sleeping sounded more fun to them for most of the day. During the day, Vanessa got her HOH camera and was upset that James wasn’t taking photos with her. This will come up later in the game as a “reason” to evict him.

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Julia starts freaking out about the votes flipping. She said Steve is acting weird, so he talks to the twins a little later and reassures them that he is voting to keep Julia. Then Julia talks with Johnny Mac later on and wants to make a deal with him. He said he was voting to keep her anyway, but sure. She said she won’t nominate him if she wins HOH if he keeps her, so he agrees.

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Vanessa and Austin talking about the end-game and they think everyone wants to work with them because they all think they can beat them in the end. They think Steve would win it all if he got to F2. They move on to next week (not knowing we have a DE this week) and Austin says he would probably nominate Steve and JMac with James as backdoor option. Van seems to be pushing the Steve has to go idea. They decide that John is better to work with them than Steve.

Austin and Steve talk later and Austin makes a point to say he will target James next week and he was wrong to target John and to let him know. Steve says that his plan all along was to evict Jackie during the DE and he had no BD plan.

Now Steve and Vanessa talk game. It amazes me how these people make plans and it always involves them being in charge. Do they think no one else can win HOH on Big Brother 17? They mention James going next and Steve questions then what? Vanessa said she’ll win HOH and do what needs to be done. What is that Vanessa? They think the twins would target JMac and he would target them if they won.

Flashback to 9:13pm BBT, as we have shouting in the backyard over the fence. John, James and Meg are the only ones outside. It appears they said “America wants Julia out” and “Austin and Vanessa have deal with everyone.” They thought it was “Austin wants Julia out.” They agree to tell no one about it. Liz and Austin come out and more shouting, so indoor lockdown is called.

Now John is worried that Austin will vote out Julia and blame it on him or Steve. We see Vanessa start to freakout with Steve and Austin over Johnny Mac being weird and hanging out with JaMeg a lot. Well, she did make them all Have-Nots this week, so go figure they are hanging out!

JMac goes to HOH room and deals with the ratting out allegations. He then goes back to HN room and tells Meg, as of now, she will be evicted. Later on, she finally gets a chance to chat with Austin about Operation Trojan Horse, but Julia shows up and the talk ends. He shares the details with the twins and they think James will coming after them next and James might even work with Vanessa after this. I will never understand how they can be a solid trio but always think someone in the house is a bigger target then them.

One more day before the live Double Eviction show on Big Brother 2015, so we could see some vote flipping today, but I doubt it.

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