We found out some interesting information on Big Brother 2015 last night, as the Live Feeds returned and the HGs talked more and more to each other. Can I slap Steve in the face now or do I have to wait until he leaves the Big Brother 17 house before I can do it??? Check out the highlights from Tuesday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 9-15-2015 Live Feeds Recap 4

The feeds came back and it started slow, as slingband was the thing to do and no one wanted to talk game. Vanessa laid down until it officially started and then got called into DR. She came out and that is when we determined that she won POV. After some more talking, it was determined that Steve put up Vanessa and John and the Final 4 nominees. Not sure of that reasoning, but the nominations don’t matter anyways and maybe that is why he did it.

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From there, we had some game talk and not a whole lot of action until the end of the night. Before that, we had Steve and Vanessa talking about either Liz and John being evicted tonight. Vanessa said John would be tougher to beat in the first two rounds of the final HOH. However, she thinks he would be easier to beat in F2. She tells Steve that there is no way she is winning this season and she will take second place next to him. She mentions Liz having two guaranteed votes in jury also. Van says she will know what to do tomorrow.


To be honest, it makes more sense for Van to evict Liz over John. The game strategist should know this and figure this out, but I just don’t think she is going to do it. I feel she is going to evict John and then I hope Liz wins the final HOH round and picks Steve over Vanessa! Liz and Steve talked about what they want from this experience and Liz said she doesn’t want to be on TV, but if she wins then she wants to open a business with Julia. Earlier, Van said she would do Big Brother again and Steve said he is one and done!

We got some details on the POV comp too, which has my blood boiling. It seems that Beast Mode Cowboy himself, Caleb Reynolds, returned to host it. Late at night, Steve was talking to himself and the tears started flowing! Why? He said he made a $500,000 mistake when he let Vanessa (sweet, innocent Vanessa) talk him into THROWING the POV competition! Yes, the most critical competition of the entire season and Steve threw it so Vanessa could win.

He now wishes he would have won it and saved John and got Vanessa evicted (ya think)? He starts trying to think of ways to get Vanessa to evict Liz over John, as he seems convinced that Vanessa will evict John (as am I). He goes downstairs and is crying to Liz and she is being nice and giving him encouragement. Van comes in and tells him to go to bed, like his mommy would do.

I can’t with this info. Steve deserves no money if he is going to throw the F4 POV comp! I don’t want Vanessa to win any money, but if she can talk another player into throwing the F4 POV comp to her, then just give her the money! We’ll see how she votes tonight, but maybe we’ll get some more clues as the day goes on….hopefully!

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