Well, well, well, it looks like we might have a little vote-flip talk going around the Big Brother 2015 house before tonight’s eviction and it all lands on Steve’s shoulders! Unlike his reign as HOH during the first double eviction, he has too much time to think about this one on Big Brother 17 and that could hurt our chances of it happening. Check out the highlights from Wednesday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 9-2-2015 Live Feeds Recap 6

Not much happened during the day, as Steve and John mentioned the idea of flipping the vote and evicting Julia over Meg and breaking up the threesome and having JaMeg to work with in the future. There would be much discussion about this later in the night.

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The HGs got indoor lockdown, but then were allowed in the backyard for a little bit, as part of the HOH competition was built and they got to practice. The note from production said they all should practice, so this led them to think there was a double eviction this week and this HOH comp would be the second one, especially since Vanessa was told to practice. It is a platform and rolling balls on it, so a total crapshoot and anyone could win.


James and Meg talk and he said he is not prepared for a days competition. He never planned on lasting this long, so he didn’t remember anything. I hate this, as you get on the show and you should prepare to win the whole damn thing! Liz and Austin talk and he hopes people watching on TV enjoy their showmance. He thinks the people watching Live Feeds are annoyed. I think everyone, in general, is annoyed by you two!

Now for the vote-flip talk. Steve and John quickly discuss it, especially after knowing they have a crapshoot HOH comp coming. They’ll talk more later. Steve camtalks and he said Scamper Squad is done and they’ll join James to be F3. He wants to keep John on his side for as long as possible. However, he then has a very long conversation with Vanessa and why keeping Julia is better for his game (really her game). He makes good points, but she knocks them all down. She promises Steve that he is the only one she has made a F2 deal with (or she has made them with everyone in the house, but okay).

Austin joins them and we have Austin admitting going to the F3 with the twins is a bad idea. Vanessa planting the seeds in Austin’s mind that Liz would be so pissed if he voted out her sister this week. He then admits to them that he won’t break up the twins before F3. Um, he just admitted to your faces that he would not get rid of them before F3, so that means you two are lower on his totem pole then them. Think people….think!

John gets the Vanessa talk about flipping the vote. She makes her same points, but also said if it happens then she wants to be in the loop about it. She said they could pin it on Austin and then Liz would be pissed. Then she said they would need Austin’s approval before flipping the vote. Um, that would negate the pinning it on him, wouldn’t it?

John and Steve get some alone time in the HOH room and briefly discuss flipping the vote on Big Brother 2015. They both think it is risky and are very worried about it. John doesn’t want to be back in the same position next week and both of them sitting on the block together. Steve mentions James and Meg wouldn’t come after them if they kept Meg. They end it with John being on the fence.

We have the lovable Austin being so kind, as him and Liz are talking and he says that the Live Feeds watchers are “fat nerds.” Yes, tell me again Austin how you plan on being so popular after this season and even taking over for Jeff Schroeder to do all the interviews?

Julia practices her eviction speech and Vanessa plants more seeds, as she said the only way Julia will be evicted is if Austin approves of it. Now they freak out. The twins talk later and Julia said she does not like Austin for Liz. Their talk turns into hating James and Meg and they are bullies. Julia hates everyone but Vanessa and Steve and just wants the season to be done so she can be home. Simple way to do that: tell people to evict you this week and you are one step closer to being home!

Meg talks to Steve and campaigns for his vote. She said they have never gone after Steve and this would be a big game move and break up the threesome. She is making very good points, but will it sink in for Steve???

James sees Austin and Steve talking and now he thinks they are working closely together. Steve was actually talking to Austin about the Meg conversation, but saying nothing was said. James now wants to target Austin and Vanessa with Steve as a renom.

John and Steve have one last talk about flipping the vote for the night. Same convo and same results. They are both worried about it and now they’ll talk about it in the morning. Steve then paces and camtalks really late into the night. He really wants to do it, but he is very worried about it. I think that worrisome attitude will make him not do it, but I can only hope they change their minds before tonight!

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