While I am sad about the events that took place during the Double Eviction on Big Brother 2015 last night, I have not given up hope. We might not like anyone yet or think it is the worst F6 ever, but they have to start making moves now on Big Brother 17 because no one else is left to evict and that excites me! Check out the highlights from Thursday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 9-3-2015 Live Feeds Recap 5

The Live Feeds came back after the Double Eviction that sent Meg and James to the jury house. From there, the twins talked about Steve needing to go next. The Austwins practiced days in the kitchen while the others napped. Then Vanessa was up and at ’em and making plans. She was telling Liz and Julia that Steve and Johnny Mac needed to go up on the block. She was telling Austin that they needed to throw the HOH comp, but he was hesitant. She was telling Steve that John needed to throw it to them and then he can compete in the HOH next week since it will probably be physical. Then she was studying hardcore with John on the days of the season, since they all thought that would be the comp.

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The Live Feeds finally went down and came back to Steve winning HOH. It wasn’t John winning, but it was the second best bet. It was not one of Austin’s Angels winning, so now we have some hope! From there, the planning started. Vanessa is definitely playing both sides of the house. I think she wants Steve to get out one of the twins this week (Liz maybe) and then still be loyal to Austin and Julia, in case they win HOH next week.

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The twins are feeling safe. They think Scamper Squad is in place, so Steve has to stick with them. They think JMac will be the target and Austin should go on the block next to him, since he has never been on the block. Liz did get her HOH basket and had a letter from their mother, who called her the “perfect daughter.” Has she been watching the show???

Vanessa tells John that the twins shouldn’t go up together, so one doesn’t win POV and the weak one is left on the block. Steve talks to Austin about noms and promises him safety (why?). Austin promises him safety next week and he’ll put up JMac and Vanessa next week. He doesn’t want the twins to go up together and one wins veto and then Austin is the renom. He thinks a F3 of him, Steve and Liz would be great. Great for who Austin???

Now Vanessa gets to Steve and he wants to put the twins up together. She thinks it is a bad idea, but he doesn’t want to put up Austin and Liz and Julia win POV and takes Liz down and now the twins control the vote (very true). Van said she can get Julia to promise not to use it, which Julia does come to Steve later and promises not to use it if he doesn’t put her on the block this week.

This one made me giggle! Austin is freaking out and asking Vanessa about her talking with Steve, which she lies about. She tells Austin HE is in a bad spot if not on the block. Why is HE in a bad spot??? Well, he would have to use the veto on one of the twins if he won it and then VANESSA would be at risk. So, tell me again how this puts HIM in a bad spot?

This is where it gets interesting, as the twins are worried about Austin stabbing them in the back, as they see him whispering around the house. The Austwins talk and think keeping John over James was a bad idea, as John is working with Steve (yeah and James would have been all alone). However, these people want to keep all the pairs together (or trios) and then deal with it later on. Later on is now folks, so put your big pants on and start making moves!

Later on, Vanessa seems to shift gears and tells Steve that getting out Austin this week might be the better option (no, I’m sticking with Liz as the better option). And then Austin throws Vanessa under the bus to Steve, as he tells her that she was considering Steve as an renom last week because of his attachment to John. He is fine with the twins going on the block, but doesn’t want to be the renom.

When all was said and done on Big Brother 17 last night, Steve said to himself that Austin and Liz need to go on the block together. Julia said she wouldn’t use the POV if she won it (I doubt that though, as she would save her sister). Van, JMac and Steve would not use it. If one of them happens to win it and takes themselves off the block, then it gets scary as Steve is so weak and will do whatever told and JMac would go up and they’d vote him out. However, Vanessa should go up and see Vanessa and one of the Austwins battle it out! Or Vanessa as a pawn to make sure the remaining Austwins member goes home!

Nominations later today and then big POV tomorrow! Again, not people that we like, but I think it is fun to watch them scramble!

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