After a devastating Thursday night in the Big Brother 2015 house, Friday came and gave us new life in the game. It may not be the best news ever, but it is the best news ever when we are dealing with what we have left on Big Brother 17. Check out the highlights from Friday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 9-4-2015 Live Feeds Recap 5

The day started with Steve awake and pacing in the HOH room. He had a plan for nominations and it was working his last nerve. He kept checking for Austin and Liz to be awake so they could talk. They finally woke up and he told them separately about his nomination plans. Both of them took it very well…for now!

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From there, Liz brings on the tears while talking to Austin. Vanessa joins for a little while and said that Steve felt compelled to separate the trio in their F5. Julia joins eventually after being in the DR and now the catty girls come out and will stay out most of the night. They should have gotten Steve out when they had a chance. They will threaten him with the loss of three jury votes. Liz will go out with a bang, if evicted.


Vanessa tells Steve about what is going on. She said they are upset that Liz is the target and Austin told them, which upsets Steve. Meanwhile, Julia hopes she wins veto and takes down Liz and Vanessa can go up and the twins vote her out. Liz realizes that if she wins veto than Julia would go up in her place and she doesn’t want that either.

Here is a real thinker for you: Steve was in the HOH room a couple times and said to himself that Liz is not the target! She might think she is the target, but she isn’t. He has never explained more to us than that, but what does he have up his sleeve??? Is Austin the real target? Maybe he wants to backdoor Vanessa? Whatever it is, he has mentioned it to no one in the Big Brother 2015 house or camtalked about it.

So, all of that happened and the dang Nomination Ceremony never even took place yet! It finally did happen and Liz and Austin were nominated. Liz is in tears and Austin reminds her that if Julia wins then they are all safe. She said they can’t rely on her. Then Austin has a very nice chat with Steve and it is polite and friendly. We may think he is disgusting, but he is playing a great social game and has been working all sides of the house and no one really dislikes him.

Vanessa must have had her meds working too hard last night and they blocked her memory (but she is always wanting to make deals on top of deals). She talks with Steve and wants to chat with Julia and make a deal for her not to use the veto if she wins it. Um, that was a deal you already made with her to keep her off the block this week.

As nice as Austin has been in the house and to the other HGs, he is beyond stupid with how he sees things in the house. He thinks him and Liz will be a famous showmance and they’ll get invited to things. He also thinks everyone will stop watching the show once he (or they) are evicted. Later on, Austin also said that Jason was there this season to be the villain.

There was veto talk and they think it might be the how bad do you want it comp. Liz and Austin said they will not shave their head. They made dinner and everyone but Steve and Julia eating. Then Steve comes down and asks for a turkey burger and the twins being catty about it. Can we just evict them both this week?

The HGs were in bed pretty early and all anticipating the huge day ahead of them today, as the Power of Veto takes place and all of them will be playing in it. That will determine how this week plays out, so we hope for good news!

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