It is a holiday weekend, so I guess that means the HGs on Big Brother 2015 are taking some downtime to relax and do nothing. Sunday was a pretty slow day in the Big Brother 17 house, as the HGs prepared for today’s Veto Meeting. Check out the highlights from Sunday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 9-6-2015 Live Feeds Recap 6

Apparently the lover’s quarrel is over, as Austin made his way into Liz’s bed overnight and they are back to being lovers and he tells her he loves her. He comments that his fingers smell like her favorite, garlic. I was thinking they would have a different smell to them.

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John and Vanessa discuss the twins and who should go this week. John said that Liz would be the easier option and they agree it would make it easier for them to win HOH next week. They agree to not put each other up next week. John talks with Steve later on about the vote and John said he would be fine with voting however the twins wanted. Grow a pair and vote out Liz, not as they would like!


Julia thinks it would be fun to be on Survivor. Steve explains the show to her and she has a change of heart. For a good laugh, flashback to 5:45pm BBT, as the we have Austin, John and Steve working out in the backyard. Austin seems to be giving them tips on working out and I almost died laughing at Steve and his awkwardness trying to pick up a dumbbell (and I don’t mean one of the twins).

Steve and Vanessa talk and he asks her if she thinks he could beat her in a F2 and she said definitely. She goes on to say that everyone but Julia would beat her in the F2 (keep that in mind Steve). Things take a turn for the weird side of things, as Steve said he would feel bad putting up the twins together. He says he doesn’t like hurting people and if he would have known he’d make it this far into the game then he never would have auditioned (um, what)? He said he has considered quitting! Vanessa asked if he was taken out next week would he care and he said no!

So, is this an act by Steve to test Vanessa? He has mentioned being leery of her and maybe he is testing her to see where that info goes. Or maybe he is being honest and that just fueled Vanessa’s fire to have a “reason” to go after him next week!

Later on, Liz, Julia and Vanessa make fun of James Gang (classy ladies there). The HGs brought back the Pot Ball, so boring times there. Liz and Julia talk and Liz wants to give this experience to Julia, as she normally gets the short end of the stick in life. Steve and John talk and Steve is trying to hype up John for winning the next HOH, as he needs a victory under his belt or he would seem like a Victoria and just dragged to the end. Steve questions John being America’s Player and throwing HOH comps.

At the end of the night, Steve does his camtalk and he has his concerns about Vanessa. However, he thinks it is more important to split up the Austwins right now, so Julia will go up as the renom. He practices his Veto Meeting speech and then hits the hay.

So, Veto Meeting will be this afternoon on Big Brother 2015 and no surprises there, unless Steve loses his mind and does something crazy. The twins seem to know, so now it is a matter of which twin goes to jury!

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