The fireworks of the Veto Meeting on Big Brother 2015 were duds, as everyone knew what was going to happen heading into it. Now we sit and wait to see which twin leaves the Big Brother 17 house on Thursday night, but Vanessa should start getting a little worried with how talks are going! Check out the highlights from Monday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 9-7-2015 Live Feeds Recap 7

The HGs were a little tired, I guess, as not much action happened before the Veto Meeting. Liz was practicing her speech and Julia was asking if any siblings have ever been on the block together, like Evel Dick and Daniele. At least she knew they were related???

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The Veto Meeting happened and went as expected, as Austin saved himself and Julia went up as the renom. We had some tears off-and-on throughout the night, but they start to talk about who needs to stay and who needs to go. Liz has given in and said it is best for Julia to stay and shoot for second place and have her moment in the spotlight. They don’t think Liz could make it to the end, but they do think she has the better shot of winning. Julia keeps pushing for her to stay, but Liz seems content with leaving. Also, they can go back and forth on it all they want, but if Vanessa wants Liz gone this week, that is what will happen.

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During the evening, the HGs got some alcohol and it made for some happy HGs. They talked about who would win America’s Favorite Player and James’ name is thrown around. Austin mentions that he thinks it will be Liz (delusional). The twins said earlier that if America didn’t like they before, being on the block together will definitely make us like them. Nope, not so much!

Vanessa and John discuss the next HOH and they think it will be something with balancing and Johnny Mac said Austin is bad at balancing. Vanessa warns him to watch out for Austin and his workouts with JMac, as he said he worked him extra hard before HOH comp to mess with him.

We had a couple of interesting talks during the night, as the HGs are figuring out Vanessa, but will they ever do anything about it? Probably not. Austwins talking and they realize that Vanessa is playing both sides of the Big Brother 2015 house. Liz and Julia figure out that Van has a F3 deal with Steve and JMac also. They figure she is laying low and letting the sides get power and take out the other side and will bring her game back when the time is right.

Then late at night, Steve is alone in the hammock and talking out loud. He has been upset that he didn’t get out Austin this week like he wanted. He thinks Austin is to Vanessa like John is to him. He realizes Van is working with them and he needs to separate Austin and Vanessa this week. He wants to make Vanessa feel extra safe with him, but then distance Austin and her at the same time. I think he can if he talks to the Austwins about it, as they are both thinking Vanessa is working both sides of the house. She is dangerous, but will any of them target her???

Is it Thursday yet??? I need to see who wins HOH, as it pretty much seems 95% certain that Liz is evicted this week!

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