It was the night before an eviction on Big Brother 2015, so let the crazy times happen in the Big Brother 17 house, right? Yeah, something like that! Check out the highlights from Wednesday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 9-9-2015 Live Feeds Recap 4

It may have been one of the slowest days of the season so far, as everyone seems to be on board with sending Julia out the door over Liz. Makes no sense to me, but that is how this whole season has gone. I am most baffled by Vanessa agreeing to this plan, as she should know getting rid of Liz would be breaking up twins and a showmance and she would have Julia and Austin there looking for someone to partner with. Instead, keep a showmance together? Smart!

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Most of the day consisted of making plans for the future. Steve is really worried about his position in the game and thinks he’ll be the target next week if Austin or Liz win, which is probably true. He tries to make a deal with Liz that if she is HOH and he ends up on the block and the vote is a tie then she will vote to keep him. They seem to shake on it, but she tells Austin later that she will never honor that deal and then her and Julia make fun of him and call Steve an idiot.


Vanessa and John talked and she said she would throw the HOH to him if they are the last two standing. Vanessa and Steve talk and they both agree that fifth place is fine with them and Steve said he never thought he would have gotten this far.

Now on to this topic: Vanessa. Everyone is on to her and her crazy ways in the game and playing both sides of the Big Brother 2015 house. Julia is dying to out her F2 deals and blowup her game to John before she leaves. They want Vanessa to be a bigger target for John then Austin and Liz. However, the twins have talked and their big target is Steve next week and not Vanessa. They know all she has done, but yet won’t target her?

We had John and Austin talking about things and John said it is time to make decisions on who he thinks he couldn’t beat in the end. Oh really? So, you could beat Liz a lot easier than Julia in the end? He said he can’t beat Steve in the F2 (interesting) and then they both agree no one could beat Vanessa in the F2 if she makes it there. He tells Austin that Becky said she would vote for Vanessa at the end if she is there, so they don’t think the jury will be bitter. That statement makes it way to Liz and then to Julia, yet no one wants to put Vanessa as their top target? She is always on everyone’s radar, but never at the top of it….amazing.

We have the eviction tonight and I am hoping they show a DR with Vanessa trying to explain her reasoning on this flip. Then we start a new HOH comp and I am thinking it is going to be endurance and could be a longer on (hopefully). The HGs went on lockdown at 1pm BBT yesterday, so a lot of time to build a big comp! We shall see tonight.

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