What sort of hg do you WANT to root for?

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Week 3 Nominations

Good game play? Decency of character? Big game moves? Entertaining? What about flexibility? Social game? Here’s a thought: How about more hgs who are more than just one-dimensional? (Remember Donny’s stories about his brother?) I believe you bring into the BB house all the traits you possess outside the house. Likewise, you do not “become” something in the house for 90 days that you never were before – such as an accomplished liar (like Andy) or manipulator (like Vanessa). So can a “good” person ever win BB? I would argue the Donnys of this world don’t stand a chance inside the BB house. In my ideal season, a hg should try to align with one other strong, decent person, keep it secret and protect each other to the end. But that would still require making and breaking alliances with others in the house, right? I accept (intellectually) that you cannot win BB without some deception. I still have a hard time rooting for a hg I cannot respect. I want to cheer for a “good” person. Not perfect, but decent.

Do you ever find yourself watching the pre-season interviews and hoping that police officer or gay person or single mom (anyone you relate to) will do well, just because of what they are outside the house? How often are we disappointed? I distinctly remember all of us hoping Vanessa and Steve would do well and thinking Jason and JMac might be very annoying!

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