Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 7:12:2015 Live Feeds Recap

Summation: In my opinion, what BB should be (at least partly) is a social experiment that allows us to observe the actions of people locked away from society for three months. That’s why I started watching. I was one who argued in BB15 that the conversation brought on by racist remarks ended up being a good thing – not just for the house but for society. Sure, we were embarrassed by some stupid remarks by stupid young girls. But we witnessed the amazing reaction by a Godly man who lived what he believed by NOT reacting in an ugly way. What a wonderful, moving example for all of us to be better people despite adversity. What an enlightening conversation!

That’s what BB has lost. No, I don’t want racists or bigots or bullies in the house, but with the hand-picked “pretty” hgs, the uber-controlled daily actions, and the predictable comps, BB has turned into a summer of watching who looks good walking around the house barely clothed and who win the same comps we saw last season. Instead of observing interesting people, we’re watching a watered down Real World. Instead of seeing a hg’s character show through in defense of someone against a bully in the house, we see namby-pamby hgs whose goal is to get through the season with everyone they evict LIKING them afterward! We are reduced to coming up with suitable nicknames for the hgs or criticizing their lazy behavior. We are watching the same thing recycled every year, folks. Different names and faces, but essentially the same thing. Unfortunately, the only thing that IS different from one year to the next are the occasional villains or controversies. No wonder we’re annoyed by week 13!

Okay, now it’s your turn. Let’s generate some real conversations below. There’s a LOT to talk about here. Choose your favorite bones to pick and comment several times. Healthy debate is encouraged but keep it intelligent (okay, at least make some sense), and keep it respectful!

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