It seems like we have had some differences of opinions this week on Big Brother 2015 and that is always good to keep the conversation going. While I share my thoughts in all the posts here on Big Big Brother, it is now time for one of the Superfans to share their thoughts on Week 10 of Big Brother 17! Check out the Super Fan POV for Week 10 below in our Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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For the Week 10 Super Fan POV, we have our very own Linda (Russell). Here is here take on things: Just so you have a bit of background … I grew up in the Midwest in the 60’s, my Father was once a riverboat pilot, my Mother a stay-at-home alcoholic and I have had a Dorothy Hammill haircut for … yes, uh-huh, I said a Dorothy Hammill haircut for over 30 years … enough about my background …

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When I need to forget about the world around me or my own little world, then I watch NASCAR and/or Big Brother or I go online to read or Todd’s I wondered how I could mesh my two “outlets” in this post and continue the clever way in which past Points of View have been written. Then I remembered watching the NASCAR Sprint Cup race last week at Bristol, Tennessee. Driver introductions there each year are accompanied by a song that has a special meaning for each driver. I shall now introduce the remaining HGs in Week 10 with a song which I believe to have a special meaning for each of them and it only follows that they would be SONGS FROM THE 60’S . If you are under 30 you may not want to read on…. good — go away … I hate you.

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