Another week of Vanessa as HoH on Big Brother 2015 has resulted in another rollercoaster of a ride and my brain is fried! So, I am going to turn it over to our Super Fan of the week to discuss their thoughts on Big Brother 17 for Week 5! Check out the Super Fan POV for Week 5 below in our Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Lilly in the South is our Super Fan for Week 5! She says: Happy Tuesday everyone! I’m beyond flattered Todd asked me to write my POV—though I do not consider myself a BB “superfan.” I’ve been watching BB since the first season, yes. But I humbly confess: I was a naive CBS pablum swallower for many years, and I checked out mid- season a few times when I got bored! With the exception of season 1, when the live feeds were free, I wasn’t a “feedster” until I found this site three years ago. Combine all of that with my leaky memory … well, I’ll leave the title of superfan to others. I’m just a 50-something editor from Alabama (Roll Tide!) whose addiction, frankly, is much more BigBigBrother now than BB!

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People on social media say Big Brother 17 is “the worst season ever!” I strongly disagree. Frustrating? Big time. Head scratching? I’m developing bald spots! Disappointing? At least twice a week! But boring? No. In my limited feedster experience, traditional screen-watching often involved hgs sleeping, sun bathing, playing pool, or chomping on food—or as we all know, getting themselves into trouble with bad behavior. Not so much of any of that this season. Sometimes you even have to pop between cameras because everyone is constantly talking about the game! (I didn’t say strategizing or making sense, mind you, but talking? Heck yea.)

What is my POV? I’ve been struggling with that, actually. (The notes I made over the last few days to write this have already changed!) So I thought I’d try to write something therapeutic for us to work out together. In this moment. Probably not possible, frankly, but I’ll give it a go. Until just yesterday afternoon, most of us were frustrated because it appeared the side of the house that was playing the game, we didn’t like, and the side of the house that we liked didn’t seem to be playing the game. Half the house was apparently employing a floater strategy, which just blew up in their faces yesterday! As Jason said: “Everyone’s been playing Big Brother; we’ve just been playing Brother.” Is it too late for the good guys to flip the house so we can cheer for someone to win? I hope not!

How about we just have some conversations with each of our hgs? (PLEASE … you chime in below with what you would say.)

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