As we all know, we all have different opinions when it comes to Big Brother 2015 and my favorites might not be your favorites and so one. Because of that, the Super Fan POV is perfect to give other opinions on Big Brother 17 and it is time for this week’s special column! Check out the Super Fan POV for Week 8 below in our Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Our Super Fan this week is our very own Kesha Shenanigans! I’m so honored to be asked to write my point of view article. Thank you all for reading. I’m just a 38 year old woman from the corn, wheat and bean fields of mid-Michigan. I would not really call myself a SuperFan. There are plenty of fans that know much more than me. I’ve been watching Big Brother since the first season, but was a blind CBS Only watcher for a very long time. It wasn’t until Big Brother 15, I started watching/DVRing Big Brother After Dark, (BBAD),  and also stumbled onto this wonderful website ( I shortly thereafter, became completely addicted, to knowing everything, before the show happens on CBS. I frequent some other spoiler sites, as well, and I’m so glad I’ve seen the light! I’m no longer in the dark, only seeing what CBS airs. I’ve toyed with the idea of getting Live Feeds, many times, but I think my husband would want to either kill me or divorce me, because he already complains that I spend way too much of my summers, addicted to this show, Big Brother.

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My favorite HouseGuests this season are Johnny Mac, James, Meg and Jackie. I also loved Jason and I was crushed when he was evicted. Da’Vonne was pretty fun, as well, what little we got to see of her. Had she stayed much longer though, I could see myself growing annoyed, but I guess now, we will never know.

At this point I can’t see any of the likable HouseGuests winning this year’s Big Brother 17. Unless there is a miracle, and Jackie makes it back into the house, and can actually stay, back in the house. Maybe she would have a chance or could give the “good guys” a fighting chance. The way it looks right now, nobody seems the least bit worried about the voting block of 3, (Austwins.) I am very worried.

Here are my thoughts on the remaining HouseGuests –

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Week 8 Power of Veto Ceremony

HOH Liz: It was amazing to me that Big Brother came up with a mental competition that she could win, until we saw said competition. It seemed more like she made a quick lucky guess to an answer something that a five year old would have known. I think we played games like this in kindergarten only instead of emojis, they were colored shapes, and maybe the alphabet.

Liz claims that she has fallen for Austin now, after telling us in the Diary Room that this is part of her strategy, and she really can’t stand him. I’m hoping that she really does like him now, for Austin’s sake, but I think this is just a production trick. They want us to like Liz, because her alliance doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. I’m pretty sure Liz could take him or leave him, there isn’t much of an attachment there.

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