While Week 4 on Big Brother 2015 has officially started and we wait for the nominees to be announced today, CBS has shared the HoH photos and blog for Vanessa Rousso and I am sure CBS had to edit it down, since we all know Vanessa loves to babble on Big Brother 17! Check it out below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 7:15:2015 Live Feeds Recap 7

I had such high hopes for Vanessa, but she crashed and burned the moment the Live Feeds came on this season. She was a crying mess and now she is just a hot mess! She seems to be living in her own world while in the Big Brother 2015 house and she definitely thinks she is the smartest and bravest one in the house.

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CBS has posted her blog, which Vanessa took the time to break down the alliances and her reasoning behind her moves this week. To be honest, it is definitely worth a read because I could feel the arrogance as I read it! You can check it out by clicking here! As far as the HoH photos for Week 3, you can click through the photo gallery here:

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