We got good news on Saturday for Big Brother 2015 and we all hoped something would change over the weekend and make Vanessa make a smart move and not one that she thinks is smart. Big Brother 17 has been an interesting season, so let the fun continue. Check out the final nominees for Week 10 below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Week 10 Power of Veto Ceremony

In case you missed any of our Big Brother 2015 spoilerslets get you caught up:

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It seemed like Vanessa would put up Johnny Mac or Steve after James won and earned safety for himself. Vanessa contemplated if sending home Meg was that big of a move. Despite Meg going to her and telling her that she will throw the next HOH comp and go up as a pawn if James win HOH, Vanessa didn’t think it was enough and didn’t know if she could trust her.

In reality, she already had planned on putting Julia up as the renom and that would guarantee that Meg would walk out those doors on Thursday night. With this group and her crazy thinking, it could change as the week progresses, but I think it will end up being Meg evicted and James all alone in the Big Brother 2015 house.

So, our final two nominees for Week 10 are:

  • Meg
  • Julia

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