Time for the Big Brother 2015 photos that everyone loves: Photo Booth time! It appears that CBS isn’t going to make them do it every week, as they know the HGs get tired of it too. The HGs seemed to talk about it coming every couple weeks on Big Brother 17, so that will be a nice change. For now, check out the Week 2 Photo Booth gallery below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Week 2 Photo Booth Cover

I will agree with everyone and the duck faces need to go. For some, it looks like a lot of smooches were going on for the first photo booth of the season. I think it is a good time to just relax, have some fun in a booth and make sure that Jeff is as far away from you as possible in that enclosed area!

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From the photos, I just love Jason and John. They just crack me up. If you see someone in the photos that doesn’t look familiar, that is Jackie. She is actually a HG on Big Brother 17, weird huh? And Shelli’s HoH photos make me puke. Check out the Photo Booth on Big Brother 2015 for Week 2 here:

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