We have moved into another week on Big Brother 2015 and those weeks are dwindling down, as we are about a month away from the Big Brother 17 finale! Can you believe that??? Before we get those Week 9 nominations today, check out the Week 8 HOH blog and photos from Liz Nolan right here! Check it out below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Week 8 HOH Photos and Blog

It was a pretty boring week last week, but Liz sure thinks she did some work and she did a great job as HOH, as her blog states. With the HOH victory going to Austin last night, I’m trying to come to terms with having the Austwins until the finale. I don’t know how else we can get rid of them!

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Now I checked out her blog and I was intrigued to read her take on Steve and how the twins truly feel about him. She talk about Austin, but I am getting the “I want to be nice and not kick him to the curb yet” vibe from her. You can check it out by clicking here! As far as the HoH photos for Week 8, you can click through the photo gallery here:

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