While I am not ready for it, the Houseguests on Big Brother 2015 are ready to vote out their second HG tonight on Big Brother 17. Julie Chen (and Kathy Griffin) will make their return tonight, as have the live eviction show on BB17 and the BB Takeover will be happening, as the Last Laugh power is handed out. Despite all that, we have an eviction to determine and some Big Brother 2015 spoilers to make of your own! So, who goes home tonight on Big Brother 17? Tell me and vote in our Big Brother 2015 poll below!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Week 2 Predictions

We usually have about 20 minutes of airtime to catch us up on everything that happened between that Veto Meeting we saw last night and the live eviction show. We have a ton of ground to cover, so I am thinking they are going to focus big time on the Twin Twist and the HGs figuring it out (thanks to Da’Vonne) and quickly go through that Last Laugh power, as it shouldn’t really factor into tonight’s results.

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So, who do you think is going home tonight on Big Brother 17? I gave my predictions earlier today and now it is time for you to vote in our Big Brother 2015 poll here:

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