As we patiently wait for the Big Brother 2015 finale to take place, we are down to the Final 3 on Big Brother 17 and time to analyze why each of them will be the winner of Big Brother 17! Up first: Liz Nolan! Can the Twin Twist turn into the BB17 winner? Check out the details below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Liz Nolan

When this season started, did any of us think that Liz, Vanessa and Steve would be the F3? I know I didn’t, as I thought Steve would be evicted early on because he seemed to be on everyone’s radar and was annoying everyone as a rat. Then Vanessa seemed to want to self-evict when the Live Feeds came on. And that darn Twin Twist. Who would allow twins to enter the game and play as individuals???

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Why Liz will win Big Brother 2015:

  •  No one thought the Twin Twist would survive, but both the twins entered the house and played the game together. To be able to survive that and make F2, then she should be promoting that to the jury.
  • Speaking of jury, she has her twin (Julia) and her showmance (Austin) in the jury house, so that would be a guaranteed two votes and they could help sway the jurors to vote with them.
  • For the season, she has won five comps (three HOHs, one POV and one BotB). That’s not a bad number and she got rid of Becky and James during her HOHs, so those are some bigger threats from the good guys side of the house.
  • Vanessa takes her and the jury is bitter towards her, so they would give Liz the money.

Why Liz will not win Big Brother 2015:

  •  From the sounds of it, both Vanessa and Steve will be bringing Liz to the F2. To me, that sounds like they think it is an easy victory and the jury won’t vote for them. Maybe it is true, so we’ll put that as a reason
  • Vanessa and Steve would win their way into the F2, but Liz would get picked. She showed her lack of winning the big comps when it mattered, so no money for her.
  • She had a showmance and twin to hide behind all season long, so she hid behind them to earn a spot in F3.
  • I don’t want to hear her voice doing all the interviews as the winner of Big Brother 17, so she can finish in third place and do one or two interviews and be done!

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