Michelle Meyer dubbed Nicole Franzel a snake on national television. This officially started their Big Brother 18 rivalry. Michelle felt betrayed by her former (no name) alliance for not clueing her in on the plan to evict Da’Vonne Rogers. Ever since then, Michelle made it her mission to destroy Paulie Calafiore, Corey Brooks, and Nicole’s Big Brother 2016 game.

BB18-Corey and Nicole

Her plan worked for awhile. Paulie got evicted, and Nicole and Corey became public enemy #1 and #2. However, Natalie Negrotti and James Huling swerved off course. Instead of targeting Nicole and Corey, they wanted to make an alliance with them.

They then set their sights on Victor Arroyo and Paul Abrahamian. James, Michelle, and Natalie succeeded in evicting Victor for a second time on Big Brother 2016. However, the jury returnee competition put him right back into the house. The entire week of Victor’s nomination, Paul made it his mission to win over Nicole and Corey. His plan worked.

Nicole won this week’s Head of Household and made it her mission to evict Michelle. Tonight’s episode shows Nicole, Paul, and Michelle battling it out for this week’s Power of Veto. Michelle needs it to keep her game alive. Nicole wants it to keep her plan of evicting Michelle on track. Paul wants it just to secure his safety.

Will any of them get this week’s Power of Veto? Find out by reading our full Big Brother 2016 recap below.


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2016 Recap or see who won the Power of Veto on Big Brother 18 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


BB18-COREY, Paul and Nicole

Everyone reacts to the nominations. People constantly ask Michelle if she’s alright about everything, while Paul talks to Nicole and Corey about the plan. They say that Victor winning the Veto would be the best option. This would allow Nicole to keep her “Final Four” alliance a secret.

Veto players are Picked:

Nicole draws Victor’s name. Paul gets houseguest’s choice and picks Corey. Michelle draws James’ name. After the Veto picking ceremony, Natalie, Michelle, and James discuss the possibility of Paul, Nicole, Victor, and Corey secretly working together. Meanwhile, the Final Four discuss making sure that Michelle doesn’t win the Veto.

Veto Competition:

Players must look at different Christmas themed items. They then need to guess how many of those items exist in a little staged room. After making predictions, they must choose to stay or fold. If a player chooses to stay, and then gets the answer closest to the actual number, they receive a candy cane. The player who collects three candy canes first wins.

In each round, the player furthest from the actual number gets eliminated.

BB18-COREY, Paul, Michelle, Nicole

Round 1: James and Nicole both get a candy cane. Victor is eliminated.
Round 2: Nicole gets another candy cane. James is eliminated
Round 3: Corey decides to throw the competition by guessing a ridiculous number. Michelle gets a candy cane. Corey is eliminated.
Round 4: Nicole and Michelle decide to stay. Nicole wins the Veto!

Nicole goes upstairs to the Head of Household room to talk to Corey about him throwing the competition. Victor follows them after a little time has passed. They discuss Paul not being up there with them, and then Victor goes to wake up Paul. When he leaves, Corey and Nicole discuss possibly evicting Victor or Paul this week.

Later, James and Natalie discuss how Victor once again has distanced himself from them. They talk about how bogus it would be if Nicole, Victor, and Corey join forces after Paul leaves on Thursday. They talk about still having Michelle so it would be okay.

BB18-Michelle and Natalie

We get a segment of Michelle being annoyed with the Big Brother game. She lists all the things that annoy her, including herself.

Paul attempts to get Nicole to pull him off the block, and put someone else up. This makes Nicole question whether he really trusts her, and if she wants to keep him.

Veto Ceremony:

BB18-Nicole Franzel (Veto)-Week 10

Nicole decides not to use the Veto. In the Diary Room, she talks about being nervous about breaking a tie vote.

Tomorrow either Michelle or Paul will be evicted from the Big Brother 2016 house.

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