A few weeks ago in the Big Brother 2016 house, Natalie Negrotti and James Huling were riding high with all the power. They had an alliance with Michelle Meyer, Corey Brooks, and Nicole Franzel. They used their new power to make a move against Paul Abrahamian and Victor Arroyo.

BB18-Natalie Negrotti

Their plan failed when James evicted Victor, only to have him return to the Big Brother 18 game. Nicole then won the following week’s Head of Household competition. She used her power to bring herself closer to Paul and Victor. She also took out her biggest enemy, Michelle. Nicole, Victor, Paul, and Corey became a tight foursome.

The following week, Victor won Head of Household. Nicole and Corey protected him last week, so he returned the favor by protecting them this week.  He nominated  James and Natalie. James and Natalie now need to win this week’s Power of Veto, or kiss the other one goodbye.

Will they be able to do it on tonight’s Big Brother episode?


Everyone reacts to the nominations. Victor talks about being excited about getting his revenge for James, for casting the vote to evict him, like he did with Paulie Calafiore. In the Diary Room, James and Natalie talk about being sad that they’re on the block together.

Nicole Franzel crying

In the Diary Room, Nicole cries about helping put James on the block.

Paul overhears Natalie talking about how fun it is going to be sitting next to James on the block. Paul then tells the Final Four about how confident Natalie is that she’s not going home.

Later, Natalie talks to Paul and Victor about how she put too much trust into James. This sends red flags to Paul that she knows how to play the game better than she claims, since she’s throwing James under the bus.

Paul then tells Nicole and Corey how Natalie threw James under the bus. Natalie also tells James about the conversation, but makes it seem like she took the blame more for her mistakes.

MacGyver themed Veto

Big Brother-Nicole Franzel, Victor Arroy, Natalie Negrotti

Players must figure out how to escape three different rooms. The player to escape in the shortest amount of time wins the Veto.

They also get to go to the set of MacGyver, tour it, and meet the cast. Natalie’s name was randomly drawn to go first. She sets the time to beat with 9:06. Once she finishes, Natalie gets to watch the competition and eat pizza.

Nicole goes next and doesn’t meet Natalie’s time. She gets blown up and eliminated. Victor goes next. He also fails to beat Natalie’s time. It blows up on him too. James goes next, and also fails.

Corey goes next. He wins the competition in 6:14. He takes the Veto.

Paul is last and he doesn’t even come close to Corey’s time. Corey wins this week’s Power of Veto.

Natalie then mopes about losing the Power of Veto. The Final Four discuss who to evict. They talk about the pros and cons of evicting James over Natalie, and vice-versa. Paul starts to convince Victor that evicting Natalie is the best decision.


Later Corey hints to James that he might be safe. He does this to let James know as a friend, and to have him as an ally in the game when he stays.

Natalie tells James that she knows that she’s going this week. She then starts interrogating him about his game relationship with Nicole and Corey. Natalie then tells him that if he works with Nicole and Corey, she will never speak to him again.

Paul and Victor then tell James how Natalie threw him under the bus. This changes James mind about Natalie. He no longer wants to fall on his sword for her. He wants to fight for his Big Brother 18 life.

Corey decided to not use the Veto.

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