Earlier today, America gave it’s last Big Brother 2016 Care Package. This week’s Care Package granted one of the remaining seven players the power to bribe another one. This Care Package doesn’t seem like it will have that big of an effect on this week’s outcome, but we know to expect the unexpected on Big Brother.

America's Care Package

This week, Big Brother fans banned together to give Paul Abrahamian or Victor Arroyo the Care Package. Only Corey Brooks and them were eligible for it, so it seemed like an easy win for Paul or Victor. They even made a plea to America for the package on the Live feeds.

Around 12:30 PST today, America’s Care Package was awared to …Corey Brooks!

This came as a shock not only to the Big Brother 2016 fans but the houseguests as well. They wondered what type of message America was trying to send them by giving it to Corey (who wasn’t in danger at all). Fans also wondered if a divided vote might have been the factor that put Corey in the lead to win this prize. Either way, we don’t expect this Care Package to create much waves in the house.

The $5,000 bribe also has the possibility of not being used this week. The rules stated that Corey can choose not to use it, but he doesn’t get to keep the money. No one gets it.

We will have to see if the Care Package changes the game up at all this week in the Big Brother 2016 house.

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