This week’s Big Brother 2016 Head of Household competition was the usual egg through a wire one. For this one, each player was in their own cell. They had to maneuver as many eggs as necessary to knock down the letters HOH. The winner of this competition was the player who knocked down all their letters the fastest.

BB18-Week 11 HOH comp

Players also got a temptation with a “Have-Not” box. The first three players to get their eggs into a “Have” box were exempted from being a Have-Not.

The feeds were off for at least 45 minutes before the Head of Household competition appeared on them. When the feeds started, Victor Arroyo, Corey Brooks, and Natalie Negrotti had already knocked down two of their three letters.

James hadn’t knocked down any of his, but he was going for the “Have” box. James got his egg in the “Have” box, which made him, Corey, and Paul exempted from being Have-Nots.

We watched Victor, Corey, and Natalie attempt over and over again to knock over their final letter. All three came close at times. Eventually, Paul knocked over his second letter. It was a four-way tie.

Final Four

Almost an hour after the feeds returned, Victor finally knocked over his last letter. Victor Arroyo is the new Head of Household (for a third time).

Due to Nicole being exempt, since she couldn’t participate in the competition, Natalie having a “Never-Not” pass, and Victor winning Head of Household, no one will be a Have-Not this week.

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