Thursday’s Big Brother 2016 live eviction ended with no one becoming Head of Household. Instead, the remaining seven Big Brother 18 houseguests competed in a black box competition later that night. After nearly six hours of no feeds, Big Brother 18 returned to reveal Natalie Negrotti as the newest Head of Household.

Big Brother 2016-Week9

She shocked feed watchers with her new plans to nominate and target her fellow alliance member Paul Abrahamian.

Before exiting the Big Brother 2016 house, Paulie Calafiore exposed some of Paul and Victor Arroyo’s game strategies and deceptions. Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks then supported Paulie’s claims with more evidence.

This made James Huiling and Natalie question if it was better to stick with Paul and Victor or switch to aligning with Nicole and Corey. After much debate, Natalie and James decided Paul needed to go this week.

However, the latest Big Brother 2016 twist could put a wrench in her plan. This week’s Big Brother Care Package granted one houseguest the power to become Co-HOH. They got all the same perks as a regular HOH (gets to nominate, safety, HOH room, and cannot play in next week’s Head of Household competition).

Big Brother 18-Week 9 Nominations

America chose to give this week’s Care Package to Michelle Meyer. Immediately, Natalie began working on getting Michelle on the same page as her about nominating Paul.

Without much opposition, Michelle was on board. Natalie debated whether to put up Paul and Victor, Victor and Nicole, or Paul and Nicole.

The feeds returned to reveal that Natalie and Michelle decided to nominate Victor and Paul for eviction. It will be interesting to see how both men handle this blindside. So far, they are not handling it well.

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